Sharon Stone joins the second season of The Flight Attendant


Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actress Sharon Stone has been added to Kelly Cuoco for her role in the second season of The Flight Attendant.

Last December, HBO Max announced the extension of The Flight Attendant series starring Kelly Cuoco for a second season. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, A new actor has been added to the cast of the second season of this comedy series. Sharon StoneThe Oscar-nominated actress for “Casino” and the winner of an Emmy for “The Practice” has been added to the cast of the second season of “The Hostess” after reaching an agreement with HBO Max, and is set to play Lisa Bauden, someone Bauden’s mother.

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According to published information, Lisa and someone have lived together for years and now they are going to meet again after years. After someone becomes addicted to alcohol, Lisa prefers to stay away from her daughter. The events of the second season of The Flight Attendant begin where someone is going through the best moments of their lives in Los Angeles and is now known as one of the assets of the CIA. When he inadvertently witnesses another assassination on a mission abroad, he is now caught up in another international sedition.

Kelly Cuoco in a pink coat is reading a page in The Flight Attendant

Kelly Cuoco To be in the role of someone, Zosia Mammit, TR Knight, Denise Akdeniz, Yasha Jackson, Audrey Grace Marshall, Rosie Perez and Griffin Matthews, Are among the actors who will return in the second season of The Flight Attendant. In addition to Sharon Stone, Moo Macri, Kali Hernandez, Gigi Soria, Cheryl Heinz, Jesse Anis, May Martin, Margaret Cho, Santiago Cabarra and Shohreh Aghdashloo, There are other new actors who have been added to the cast of the second season of the Aircraft Hostess series.

Steve Iwki He is in charge of making The Flight Attendant, which is expected to return for the second season. The first season of The Aircraft Hostess was produced in eight episodes, and the second season of the comedy series is expected to be produced in eight episodes and aired on HBO Max. Stone recently starred in Ratched, The Laundromat, The New Pope, and Here Today, and most recently in What About Love, Beauty, and Murderville.

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