Shinji Mikami: The Resident Evil 4 remake should improve the game’s story


In a new interview, Shinji Mikami spoke of his desire to see the Resident Evil 4 story progress with its remake.

Recently and during the latest game news, Shinji Mikami Known for making the inspirational and current game Resident Evil 4, he spoke in a new interview about his passion for improving the story of Resident Evil 4 in the remake of this work. In Mikami’s new talk about rebuilding Resident Evil 4, we read:

“It would be great if Capcom could tell a better version of the Resident Evil 4 story in the remastered version and make a good product available. A lot of fans probably want this game. “So I think the Resident Evil 4 remake is a good thing.”

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Mikami said in an interview with VG247 that he wrote the story of RE4 in just three weeks. He wishes to recreate this work, to tell a more interesting and high-quality story. Mikami is the founder of Tango Gameworks and has overseen the development of Ghostwire: Tokyo in recent years. The veteran Japanese game maker, who is no longer a member of Capcom, has backed the remake in recent years amid rumors of a remake of Resident Evil 4.

The production of the Resident Evil 4 remake has not yet been officially confirmed by Capcom. But various sources have reported that it is under construction. It was said months ago that the production process of this work at Capcom has resumed after a fundamental change. what is your opinion? In what parts do you think the story of the fourth part of the Resident Evil game series can be strengthened? Write your comment for Zomji.

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