Show graphic features of The Day Before in the game trailer


Nvidia has released a new trailer for The Day Before that showcases the game’s graphical features such as retrieval and DLSS.

The Day Before game will be available to players in the summer of 2022. Now, in the latest game news, we learned that Nvidia has released a trailer for The Day Before, showing what this open-world game looks like with re-tracing and other visual enhancements. Graphic capabilities of the game at the time of release include Ray-Traced Reflections, Ambient Occlusion, RTX Global Illumination and DLSS. You can continue to watch parts of The Day Before game while using the mentioned graphic features.

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The Day Before is an open-world, large-scale online multiplayer (MMO) game set in the aftermath of a virus outbreak in the United States. The game world is full of infected humans, cannibals and survivors who destroy each other for food, weapons and cars. Players wake up alone in an apocalyptic world they remember nothing about; Therefore, they must seek answers to their questions and gather the resources they need in order to survive. It’s still unclear if the game will make it to other platforms, but Fantastic Studio is releasing it for Xbox X Series consoles | Xbox S series and PlayStation 5 review.

The Day Before game will have elements of PvE (player against environment) and PvP (player against player) effects, but there is also a safe area consisting of a group of survivors. Players here can revitalize the community, sell items, and connect with other players. The Day Before game, developed by FNTASTIC studio, will be available to computer users on June 21, 1401 (June 21, 2022). Players can now add this apocalyptic game to their Steam Favorites list.

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