Siberian Mayhem expansion pack for Serious Sam 4 has been announced


The new Serious Sam 4 expansion pack called Siberian Mayhem, which will be available separately, was introduced with the release of a trailer.

During the latest game news and with the release of a trailer, the Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem expansion pack for Serious Sam 4 was introduced.

This add-on pack, which can be purchased separately (Standalone) for $ 20, offers players five new stages with new enemies and rifles. In this appendix, Sam must travel to Siberia and confront an evil general. This add-on package will be available to PC version holders on January 25th.

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Serious Sam 4 was reviewed on Zomji and received a score of 7.5. In the summary of Serious Sam 4 review we read:

“Serious Sam 4” is a successful sequel to the Serious Sam series. Although the game has its drawbacks, especially in technical aspects and is visually similar to the old effect, but the excitement of the game’s fast and breathtaking action is so high that especially these days in less other games you can experience similar. “If you want a shooter experience in which you are in the middle of a very busy battle and you are destroying monsters that are falling on your head from all sides with all kinds of weapons, Serious Sam 4 is a work that you should not miss.”

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