Sifu developers reward Deluxe buyers for Early Access delays


Solving the Sifu game Early Access problem, Sloclap Studios announced that it will make a gift available to Deluxe buyers due to the delay of several hours for the game experience.

One of the benefits of buying the Deluxe version of Sifu is the early access to this product. In fact, those who bought the deluxe version can try Sifu two days before the official release date. But a technical problem caused their access to the game to be delayed by several hours; A problem that fortunately the builders managed to solve yesterday. Recently, during the latest game news, the Sloclap team, which in cooperation with Sony, managed to solve the problem of downloading the game for Deluxe version owners, announced a reward for the buyers of the Deluxe version to compensate for this incident.

Sifo game was released yesterday in the form of Early Access for the owners of the deluxe version. But the problem was that a number of people who had bought the discussed version of the game on the PlayStation Store could not run Sifu on their consoles even after the early access time began. They reported the problem to game developers on Twitter and Reddit, and the Slopp team worked with Sony.

Sifu game poster

About 13 hours ago, the studio page of Slope Studio published a tweet announcing that the technical problem had been resolved. In this tweet, we read: “PlayStation teams have informed us that the problem of early access to the game has been resolved and now you can get Sifu. Once again, we’re really sorry about that, and we apologize to gamers who hoped to run the game with Early Access. “We have a special gift for Deluxe Edition holders that we will let you know soon.”

Sifo game will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on February 8 (February 7). Holders of the deluxe version can now download and experience the game. Yesterday, critics published their views on the game, announcing that Sifu has become a very challenging and entertaining work.

what is your opinion? Did you have a problem getting the deluxe version of the game? If you have good gaming experience, write your opinion about Sifu for Zomji.

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