Sifu standalone game release trailer


Slopp Studio has released the trailer for the action-adventure game Sifu, which features small-space combat, an aging mechanism, and a revenge story.

Sifu Studio SloClap was one of the most anticipated independent works of 2022, with kung fu battles and a unique aging mechanism, promising players a unique and fresh bit-up experience. This action-adventure game was recently made available to fans, and among the game news, we were informed that Slope Studio has released a new trailer for this occasion. You can watch the trailer for the release of Sifo game below.

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Sifu tells a classic revenge story, but its biggest attraction is definitely its unique kung fu fights, which give fans a challenging yet engaging experience; Especially since environmental elements can also be used during battles and used to defeat enemies. Another prominent feature of the game is the aging system, in which the main character grows old with each death. As you get older, your seizures will get stronger, but instead the health bar will decrease. Players must finish the Sifu game before they reach the maximum possible age.

Some time ago Pierre Tarno “We want Sifo to challenge the players and encourage them to learn, improve and adapt,” he said of the game’s aging mechanism. The ability to rise from the dead helps newcomer gamblers to fail in the face of adversity and try again. “But the cost of mistakes increases rapidly, and players must completely master the combat system to complete the game.” The creators say that the existence of several hidden secrets increases the value of repetition of the game. Siphon does not have any difficulty levels at the moment, but Slopp Studio is considering finding this feature in the future.

Sifu was made with the support of the PlayStation “standalone game” section and is now available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Sloclope Studios recently confirmed that it is working on post-release content that will be made available to players for free. While the developers did not provide further details on the post-release content in their statement, we can expect more stages and boss fights to be played in the future to further challenge gamers’ fighting skills. Of course, due to the limited resources of Studio Slopp, we probably should not wait for the release of new content any time soon.

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