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Sing 2 animation becomes the best sequel made by Illumination with the expansion of the world of the first part and its attractive and happy performances. Follow Zomji and critique this animation.

Making a sequel for a popular animation has not always been successful, and in most cases we see a weaker effect compared to the first part. The same is true of the work of the Illumination animation studio, and although the Despicable Me animated sequels have been a box office success, they have never been able to replicate the quality of the first part.

Now the Sing 2 animation is the latest sequel made by Illumination that has been on the screen for some time. Now, has this musical and comedy animation been able to replicate the success of the first part, or has it followed another path of the Illuminati Studio sequels?

Rozita, Moon and Ash in the animation Sing 2

The Sing 2 animation has been targeting from the beginning, setting out what its viewers should expect.

The Sing animation, which was released in 2016, was never an original and very new work, and in fact, the creators used the expected and successful formula of other similar animations. But this musical comedy animation turned into a successful, entertaining and attractive work. Now The Sing 2 animation follows the story of Buster Moon and the talents who work under his tutelage as they strive to showcase their talents beyond local performance, and they hope to be one of the world’s entertainment capital, The Crystal Tower Theater. Have a run. From the same summary of the story, it can be seen that the animation is supposed to follow the same path of the first part, this time in a bigger world.

The Sing 2 animation has been purposeful from the beginning, setting out what its viewers should expect. As I said before, this animation is supposed to have a bigger world than the first part, and instead of local performances, we are going to see a big performance in the biggest entertainment city. The same goal setting allows animators to better map out and implement the path they are about to take. The first goal of Sing 2 animation is to present a completely happy and lively animation with attractive and glamorous environments. Of course, when we talk about illumination, obviously all these goals are part of an animation of this studio.

Ms. Crowley driving in the Sing 2 animation

In Sing 2 animation, we not only see the world of animation events get bigger, but we also see bigger and more attractive performances.

But the important thing is how to implement it. For example, in The Secret Life of Pets 2, we saw the world of animation happen bigger, but the animation itself could not make much progress compared to the first part. However, the animation had attractive and colorful environments that made the viewer sit to the end even to watch its designs. But there are more things in the Sing 2 animation that make us follow the animation to the end. The animation does not have a specific story, and the creators are well aware that the story and script are just the more advanced and larger version of the first part.

also Garth Jennings As a director and screenwriter, he is well aware that they are not really going to produce an animation that competes with Pixar and Disney, and they are not going to win the hearts of critics. In fact, the main goal of Illumination animations is to win more box office and attract younger people to older people, and Song 2 animation has been successful in this regard. So the solution that Jennings and his team came up with is to create far bigger and more compelling performances than the Sing animation. The interesting thing about the final performance of the animation is its interesting and very high variety, which makes us not just see a certain rhythm or path.

Different characters of Sing 2 animation in the hotel

Some of U2 songs are used in the Sing 2 animation

During these performances, a combination of romantic performances, performances with a fight theme, and finally the return of an old rock singer, each of whom is well represented in this play, and we witness an attractive and very large performance. To achieve this, Sing 2 animation also needed to introduce new characters, without a doubt the most important and best of which is Kelly Calvo. Most of the characters have the role of advancing the story or completing a part of the story and are generally forgettable characters. But in the meantime, characters like Poursha are also present in the animation, which may be reminiscent of Mina’s character in the first part and play a relatively more important role.

But in the case of Kelly Calvo, who voiced Bono, the lead singer of U2, is a little different, and the storyline is more appealing than in any other animation. Especially since the relationship and chemistry of this character with the hedgehog has become a positive point and strength of the Sing 2 animation, and Jennings has been able to make good use of this potential. The use of some of the songs of the U2 group is also another interesting and positive point that we see in the animation, which is well coordinated with the animation space and has created a different atmosphere.

Kelly Crowley opening her guitar in the Sing 2 animation

Sing 2 animation is not going to present anything new, but instead it is one of the most entertaining and fascinating animations of the last few years.

In general, some new characters have animated the story, and another group has improved the performances, as well as some of the other characters have improved the animated comedy. The animated comedy has not changed much compared to the first part, and the creators have used almost the same patterns of the first part in the sequel. But in any case, when we talk about an animation whose main purpose is to attract the attention of young people, comedy and a happy and attractive atmosphere are very important, and in Sing 2 animation, this issue is well implemented. Of course, the star of the animated comedy section is undoubtedly Ms. Crowley, who has been voiced by Garth Jennings himself.

The Sing 2 animation is not going to offer anything new at all, and it is not looking for that, but instead it is one of the most entertaining and engaging animations of the last few years. Unlike many animations, Song 2 animation is not only aimed at attracting the attention of young people and has been able to become a fascinating effect for all age groups and all family members or even a group of friends can enjoy watching this animation. Sing 2 animation not only shows a bigger world than Sing animation, and we also see a lot of improvements in the narration and performances of the animation, and this has made the animation able to provide better quality compared to the first part.

He is playing music in the animation Sing 2

Sing 2 animation is finally the best sequel that the Illumination animation studio has made and published from its animations. The sequels the studio had previously produced not only solved the problems of the previous episode, but also added new problems.

Although not all the problems of the first part may have been solved in the Sing animation sequence, the good news is that the animation has at least been able to become a much more entertaining and better work, and we can even expect the Sing 3 animation to be made and this path will continue. Slowly

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