Slight production of PS4 in 2022 will not affect the release of Sony PlayStation 5


Sony has denied rumors that a small production of the PS4 in 2022 will not reduce the company’s focus on building and delivering the maximum PlayStation 5 at all.

According to game news, following the release of a new statement by Sony on the NLab website, it was revealed that the production of one million PlayStation 4s by 2022 has nothing to do with the company’s efforts to produce and supply the PlayStation 5 to meet the high market demand. Sony, in fact, denied the report published by Bloomberg, saying that it never had a plan to permanently end production of PlayStation 4 consoles by the end of 2021.

Bloomberg media claimed a few days ago that Sony will produce nearly one million PS4s by 2022 to address the PlayStation 5 shortage in the market. Of course, at the time of the rumors, many were saying that one million PlayStation 4s was far less than the number of PS4s produced in each of the console’s previous years. As a result, the small production of the PS4 in 2022 was more than a strange occurrence to many, it seemed like a normal trend for many to reduce the production of a console over time until the year of its complete cessation.

While rumors were circulating that Sony was forcing it to make such a decision in response to a strong desire to buy the PlayStation 5, the Japanese company insisted that producing one million PS4s a year was in line with SIE’s regular plans. In fact, Sony noted that it followed the same pattern in previous generations; Following this trend, the production of previous generation consoles along with new consoles has always continued for some time. Sony told the NLab website that all plans for the PS4 console production and retail sale had already been made in addition to the PlayStation 5 release; Not that the production of one million PS4s in 2022 is a reaction to the difficulty of producing 9th generation consoles due to the lack of chips.

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