Smart and economical purchase of K571LI laptop for gamers


If you’ve been into game and video games for a while, you’ve probably noticed how much it can impress a lot of people.

Game these days, apart from being a fun, entertainment has become one source of income It has been for many people. But to do this, first of all you need a laptop or a system that has the ability to run a variety of games and can accompany you in this direction.

The first choice for professional gamers is to buy and assemble a PC. But if you are new to the road or constantly moving. You are definitely looking for a gaming laptop. Doing so is not only smarter, it also costs you less.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a great and powerful laptop for gaming, which in addition to great hardware, has an economical price compared to other gaming laptops. So if you are a gamer or looking to buy a gaming laptop, reading this article can be a good guide for you.

K571LI at a glance

By buying an IT Home gaming laptop, you actually have a laptop that is in a high category in terms of hardware, and you can easily do all the daily chores with them, and you will not have any problems running games and graphics. Had.

The point to know is that Laptop K571LI Can not be placed in the category of gaming laptops! But in terms of hardware, it is no less than a gaming laptop!

K571LI laptop with its powerful hardware and reasonable price has opened its place in the hearts of many users, and of course, it has shown good performance.

K571li gaming laptop processor and graphics

K571LI The most economical gaming laptop 2022

As we mentioned at the beginning, the budget factor is one of the most important factors in choosing and buying a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are usually more expensive than other laptops, but you can find economical options among them, and the K571LI laptop also falls into this category.

It is definitely a chance that you can have the right and ideal hardware at a reasonable and economical price in a laptop. But Laptop K571LI Everything a user expects from him has come true. In fact, to pay for a great laptop with gaming hardware, you pay about the same as buying a VivoBook laptop, but you have unparalleled features such as high performance and high running speed. Due to its design and appearance, this laptop can be used as a stylish laptop for office or office meetings.

K571LI laptop hardware review for gamers

Graphics card is usually one of the most important hardware components for gamers. But a graphics card can perform well when used with a good processor. Because these two pieces complement each other in performing functions.

The K571LI has 4GB of separate GeForce GTX 1650TI graphics memory. This amount is usually suitable for graphic work, games and all daily tasks.

Also, the processor of this laptop is one of the most powerful processors from the tenth generation of Intel, namely Intel Core i7 10870H and from the H series. The cache of this processor is 16 MB and the frequency efficiency it gives you is 2.2 to 5 GHz. This new processor is a significant improvement over the previous K571LI processor.


K571LI laptop with 10870 processor

K571LI laptop with 10750 processor





Core I7 10870H

Core I7 10750H

The real core



Virtual core



Memory cache

16 MB

12 MB

Frequency range

2.2 to 5.0 GHz

2.6 to 5 GHz

Also, games like Warzon, GTA V, Red Dead and FIFA can be easily played with this laptop.

RAM on the K571LI laptop

The next case we are going to examine RAM memory K571LI Is. This laptop has 8 GB of RAM soldered on the motherboard but It can be upgraded to another 8 GB In total you can have 16 GB of RAM. This amount of RAM can give you enough space to run programs.

This laptop also has 256 GB of SSD memory, having an SSD can help increase the speed of the laptop and reduce power consumption. Apart from SSD memory, this laptop also has one terabyte of HDD or mechanical memory, which is a really good space for storing information.

K571LI laptop battery life

How long can we count on the battery life of the K571LI laptop?

If you put this laptop in high performance mode, which involves both the processor and the graphics card, you can use 2 to 3 hours of battery life.

But if its settings are in balance mode, you can use the battery life for up to 5 hours without any problems.

High quality gaming with K571LI monitor

The 15.6 screen of this laptop is Full HD (1920 × 1080 resolution) and with a resolution of 60 Hz, which offers a relatively good screen quality. The viewing angle of the screen is 178 degrees and it is also very suitable for working in open and bright environments, thanks to its opacity. In addition, due to the use of Reduce Blue Color technology, it also causes less damage to the eyes. It is an IPS panel and the amount of light and color accuracy in it is quite desirable.

And one question …

Where can we get the K571LI laptop with a valid warranty?

Buying a laptop from a reputable center with a basic warranty is usually one of the most important concerns of people. Today, reputable stores such as IT Home, Digikala or Technolaboff online stores, etc. offer you the Asus K571LI laptop with an integrated Asus warranty, and you can buy from these centers safely.

As a conclusion, it should be said …

If you are a gamer or you want to start the game, choosing the K571LI laptop is one of the best options ahead. As we have mentioned many times, this laptop has a reasonable price compared to the hardware used in it and apart from that, it has a wide range of uses. You can buy this laptop in any job and activity and use it to do your business.

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