Sony has been in talks to buy Bungee since six months ago


According to the latest game news, the purchase of Bungee by Sony has been negotiated for six months.

If you’ve been following the news, you know that Sony has announced that it has bought Bungee Studios, the maker of several games from Hilo and the Destiny game series, for $ 3.6 billion. Of course, such a big deal does not happen overnight, and the purchase has reportedly been going on for six months.

Christopher Daring “The deal has been going on for the last five or six months,” Games Industry wrote on Twitter. “PlayStation’s purchase of Bungee is not a reaction to Take-Two Interactive’s purchase of Zynga or Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard.”

Jim Ryan, Herman Holst, and several senior members of Bungie (Bungee, creator of Halo 2 and Destiny 2)

(Jim Ryan, Herman Hallst, Jason Jones and several other senior bungee members)

This report is not at all surprising. Because you have to keep in mind that this trading model will definitely take more than two weeks. Still, it still seems insane that the official news of the three most expensive and big purchases in the world of video games was released in the first month of this year, a few days apart.

Herman Holstرئیس Head of PlayStation Studios pictured above Your Twitter account “Last year, some video game enthusiasts came together to talk about our vision for the future; About how we might be able to work together to build it. Today we took a big step towards that perspective. can not wait!”.

2022 has been a strange year in terms of the acquisition of game studios, and we know that the acquisitions will not end any time soon. Jim Ryan, CEO and President of SIE has confirmed that we can definitely expect more acquisitions from the PlayStation. Other companies are also expected to make other purchases.

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