Sony patents 3D scanning of real objects in PSVR2 games


Sony has filed a new patent that allows 3D objects to be scanned in the world of PSVR2 virtual reality games. It will be possible.

Sony has clearly paid special attention to the world of virtual reality and has so far registered several initial plans for innovation in this industry. Now with the introduction of PSVR2 It turned out that the company still has long-term plans to operate in the field VR has it. Sony’s new virtual reality headset was introduced at a time when many details of what we should expect in the future were not provided, but if a new patent filed by Sony finally becomes a reality, it must be said that the company has interesting ideas for Utilizing virtual reality technology.

According to GameRant, Sony recently updated its patent last summer, allowing real-world objects to be viewed in 3D in VR games. Scanned to enable the production of virtual objects with a 360-degree viewing angle in PSVR2 games. The schematic image of this design can be seen below.

Sony 3D Patent Scanner for PSVR2

Of course, like all patents, this design, like many others, may not be finalized, but new ideas are always first drafted and then implemented. Companies often protect their creative ideas and technology through copyright laws by patenting them, and these ideas can not necessarily be expected to be implemented. However, this shows that Sony’s virtual reality development team is working on such ideas.

In addition, many events await cyberspace fans who can look forward to it; From the introduction of the new game Horizon Call of the Mountain To From PSVR2 to the possibility of releasing an improved version of Half-Life: Alyx For headsets VR A new Sony that can be very attractive. Called Horizon Call of the Mountain A dramatic change in the quality of games AAA It will create virtual reality and will be a turning point for the development of this part of video games. Horizon Call of the Mountain, co-produced by Gorilla Studios and Firefight Studios, is available on PSVR2.

However, if you enjoyed the Horizon Zero Dawn game, fortunately you do not need to buy a PSVR2 and wait a long time to re-enter the Horizon world. Because Horizon Forbidden West game will be released on February 18 (February 19) for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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