Sony: We expect activation games to remain multi-platform based on commitments


Sony recently announced that despite Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it expects the games to remain multi-platform under a contractual commitment.

PlayStation expects multiplayer activation games to remain. The acquisition of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft can be considered a very big news that caused a lot of reactions. Some people believe that from now on we will see the activation of Activision Blizzard games for Xbox, and on the other hand, some people still believe that the games will remain multi-platform and will be on the gameplay only from the day of release.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Sony reacted to Microsoft’s acquisitions and officially announced that it expects Activision Games to remain multi-platform. “We expect Microsoft to abide by existing agreements and commitments, noting that Activision games are multi-platform,” said a Sony spokesman. Everyone knows that some activision games like the Call of Duty series on the PlayStation platform are doing very well today.

Activision Blizzard logo on the big screen

According to a new NPD report, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War were the first and third best-selling games in the United States, respectively, on the PlayStation. However, considering the purchase of Microsoft, the future of this series on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 is unknown. On the other hand, given the contracts between Activision and Sony for Call of Duty, we see their long-term agreement to release exclusive Call of Duty content for PlayStation users, and it is likely that Sony has been talking about this.

Looking back at Bethesda’s acquisition, Microsoft has lived up to its commitment to Sony and Bethesda to make Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo games exclusive, and we are likely to see similar situations here. Aside from all of this, there have been reports from Bloomberg that Microsoft has plans to make some of Activision Blizzard games available to PlayStation users.

“I want to say to all PlayStation users who experience Activision Blizzard games that our intention is not to have a user community,” said Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming. [بازی‌ها] “We have to get out of that platform and we are committed to that.”

With these interpretations, we have to wait and see what Microsoft plans to do. What do you think about Zomji users?

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