Sony’s emphasis on releasing God of War: Ragnarok in 2022


The latest post from the PlayStation Blog, with the inclusion of GoW: Ragnarok (God of War: Ragnarok) among the important games of 2022, emphasized the release of this highly anticipated work this year.

In the latest game news and citing the latest post published on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced the release of God of War: Ragnarok in 2022. With the release of God of War 2018 for PC, in recent days we have seen the return of Kritos and the God of War series to the forefront of video game news.

Now, in the midst of this game news, Sony has published a new post on the official PlayStation website, minimizing doubts about the release of Ragnarok’s God of War game in 2022. In this post from the PlayStation Blog, along with God of War Regnarok, works such as Dying Light 2, Alden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 can be seen, all of which promise a very exciting year. In fact, Sony created this page to introduce some of the games expected in 2022 on the PlayStation site, and a few hours ago, re-posted it on the account. Official PlayStation Twitter Shared.

We now know that God of War: Ragnarok will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on an unspecified date from 2022. The exact release date of the game is not yet known; Some people think that this will happen in the latest episode of the PlayStation brand State of Play or an event that will apparently take place in the next month or two. Some also speculate that the official release date for God of War Ragnarok will be announced at E3 and during the video game’s summer news release. For now, we have to wait and wait for the official PlayStation announcements.

what is your opinion? On what date do you think Steve Santa Monica’s new production will be released? Write your comment for Zomji.

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