Sony’s new patent to improve gamer skills on PlayStation 5


Sony seeks to improve the skills of gamers with creative methods; To help the PS5 console work on your gaming weaknesses.

Sometimes gamers, when experiencing a tough game, do not realize exactly what they are doing wrong when playing and constantly fail. Sony has now filed a new patent that, if we really see it implemented on the PS5 console, has the potential to improve your skills by providing calculated tutorials. In fact, the patent seeks to create a digital coach for the player who, by examining his performance, teaches the gamer to “play better.” For example, we can work on our weaknesses in the game experience and improve our gameplay skills by activating audio or video tutorials when experiencing a particular game.

This system actually follows your game well to first understand what you do well in gameplay and what you fail to do. He then realizes what skills you need to work on as a gamer to experience that particular game. Even those parts of the game where you are weak are recorded so that the system can accurately understand your bugs in the gameplay experience and then show them to you.

Of course, using this educational system will be completely optional and gamers can activate or deactivate it according to their taste. Many players may not like to experience some games with a few calculated exercises. One of Sony’s latest patents, which we finally saw the company actually use, is the sale of official color covers for both sides of the PlayStation 5 to personalize the console.

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