Specialized mobile repair in Safir mobile


Safir Trading Company, which imports mobile parts, allows you to repair your mobile phone and replace the Huawei LCD touch on all models to buy the part you want at a wholesale price and online.

Huawei Mobile Repairs Specialized mobile repairs LCD Touch | Online Mobile Repairs Immediate mobile repairs

The price of LCD touch is commensurate with the global price and you will get a price that mobile parts distributors will sell to dear repairers after purchasing these products from importers.

The goal of Hafez Ambassadors Trading Group is to eliminate intermediaries and sell its products directly to esteemed consumers.

Many people may think that the sensitivity of repairing Huawei brand phones is not high and it is different from phones of other brands such as Samsung and Apple! But in practice, this is not the case, and when you open one of the high-end and first-class phones of Huawei, you will notice the extraordinary elegance and precision of the design of the phone and its parts, which automatically increase the sensitivity of repairing the device.

Huawei Mobile Repairs

So do not think that because the brand of your phone is Huawei, its repair is not very sensitive and you can use the service of any Huawei service center to make the necessary repairs on your mobile phone.

Another advantage of the ambassador set is the high speed of action. Mobile repairs in this complex will be done as the best Huawei service center in the shortest possible time and there will be no need to visit the customer in person because he can register his Huawei phone repair request with a phone call or through the site and the rest Leave the work to us and pick up your repaired phone at home from the ambassador courier.

All these advantages, which we have mentioned in a very brief way, cause the Safir collection to be selected as the best Huawei service center in Iran.

Specialized mobile phone repairs

Huawei phone hardware repair

Huawei mobile hardware problems are more expensive to repair than software problems. A malfunction of one of the components causes the phone to malfunction and it is not even possible to use it. In many cases, hardware problems are easily identified and can be repaired. However, it is important to use original parts to replace damaged parts.

Huawei phone software repair

Software problems occur in all Android and computer systems. Fortunately, software problems, unlike hardware problems, are easily fixed and do not cause serious problems for the phone and its components. In fact, software issues often only cause certain problems when using the phone, but in most cases, the phone parts are healthy and do not have any problems.

Fixing software problems Unlike hardware problems, which mostly depend on the use of original parts, depends on the skill and expertise of repairmen.

Click to view Huawei LCD touch.

Due to the availability of all mobile parts in Safir Trading Company, a free courier to pick up the phone, mobile repairs, immediate, cheap and quality will be provided to you dear ones.

Huawei Mobile Repairs Specialized mobile repairs LCD Touch | Online Mobile Repairs Immediate mobile repairs

Internal: 02169999797: 400-401

WhatsApp and Telegram: 09033007307

Address: Hafez St., Kamran Saleh Alley, corner of Akhtar Alley, Safir Building

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