Square Enix boss is interested in NFT and Metavars entering the gaming world


Following Ubisoft’s interest in bringing blockchain technology into the world of video games, Square Enix CEO has now given the green light to the idea.

Square Enix Studios President Yosuke Matsuda talks about the company’s future plans in various areas of gaming in a New Year’s Eve article. One of these is NFT, Metawares, and other hot topics in the blockchain industry that seem to have caught Matsuya’s attention. Following the interest of other major companies in the gaming industry, including Ubisoft, he said that Square Enix has been preparing for an adventure in such ubiquitous technologies for some time.

Matsuda writes at the outset about the concept of Metawares: “Metawares was one of the hottest topics in the tech world in 2021, first creating a lively and inclusive dialogue about defining the concept and then the opportunities it could create for global trade. “In October, Facebook changed its name to Meta in October to show that the concept is not just a fleeting trend and will continue to be so.”

He went on to make similar statements about NFTs and then to the blockchain network and the play-to-earn style. “Finally, we come to blockchain-based games,” he says. Whether these video games are single-player or online, they traditionally involve a kind of one-way stream whereby developers like us offer a game to the consumers who play it. In contrast, we have blockchain-based games that are now in their infancy and are slowly entering the growth phase.

These games are based on tokens and have the potential for sustainable and independent growth. In fact, the driving force behind this sustainable growth is the diversity of these games, which can be seen both in the way people interact and in the motivation that makes them do so. The development of an encrypted tokens-based economy reinforces this diversity and the development of blockchain games as well. One clear example of these motivations is style play-to-earn Which has been well received by the people so far.»

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Matsuda appears to be reviewing the latest industry trends and reassuring investors that Square Enix will follow suit. “I understand that part of the player community is actually playing to have fun, and it is understandable that these people are now a large part of the gaming audience,” he said. However, I still believe that a certain segment of these people also play games to participate in the game development process, and their goal is to make the games more exciting.

Traditional games do not provide any significant motivation for this group of gamers. That is, people whose motivation is motivated by goodwill and a spirit of volunteerism. Incidentally, this fact is not unrelated to the current limitations of user-generated content (UGC). UGC It is created solely because of the desire of individuals to express themselves, and no attempt has been made to reward the result of their creativity. I consider this to be one of the most important reasons why no significant content has been created by users so far.»

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Perhaps Matsuda’s most obvious vision for drawing attention to these new technologies is to motivate more people to produce new content for games. In general, Matsuda’s idea deserves attention, as most games that rely on user-generated content do not offer significant rewards for these people. However, Matsuda’s talk does not provide a solution to the bad feeling that many users have for anything related to blockchain.

While Square Enix and Ubisoft are keen to enter the NFT ecosystem, the idea still has strong opponents. One of these is Valve, which has explicitly stated that it will not allow cryptocurrency-related games to enter Steam.

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