Starring David Lynch in Steven Spielberg’s new film


Leading film and television director David Lynch is the latest addition to the cast of The Fabelmans, directed by Steven Spielberg.

In the latest Movie and TV news, A well-known director, is set to star in The Fabelmans. Sources close to Variety have confirmed that David Lynch will star in the new film Steven Spielberg Has signed a cooperation agreement. However, information about Lynch’s role in the film is not yet available and it remains a secret. The Fabelmans is set to be the first Lynch-Spielberg collaboration between the two directors in the 1970s.

David Lynch is best known for directing Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks, The Straight Story, Lost Highway, and Known as Mulholland Drive. Of course, Lynch has also starred in such films as Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Lucky, Louie, and voice acting in The Cleveland Show.

Steven Spielberg giving a speech

Steven Spielberg’s new film is being inspired by his childhood, and the director often cited Arizona as his main source of inspiration for his films. Tony Kouchner He had previously worked with Spielberg to write the screenplays for Munich and Lincoln, and for both Oscar-nominated films, he wrote the screenplay for The Fabelmans, which Spielberg himself helped Kushner write.

In addition to Lynch, Michelle Williams، Paul Dino، سث روگن، Gabriel Label, Julia Butters، Sam Rancher، Kidney East, Isabella Cosman and Oaks Fagley, Are other actors who have appeared in the movie The Fablemans and have played roles. West Side Story is the latest film by Steven Spielberg, which was released in December this year, and this musical film was able to attract the attention of critics and viewers.

The Fabelmans is set to hit theaters on November 23, 2022 (December 2, 1401).

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