Start connecting PlayStation Network accounts to Discord


Discord has officially announced that you can now connect your PlayStation Network account to it and take advantage of various features.

About eight months ago, Sony made a small investment in Discord, and now it’s finally time to coordinate between PSN and Discord. It is now possible to create a connection between Discord and PlayStation Network accounts step by step available to more US users, and this process will continue with the activation of the feature in question for users in other countries. Discord explained that the process of establishing a connection between the PlayStation Network and this platform is similar to the connections established between Discord and other services.

After establishing a connection between Discord and PlayStation Network accounts, the other Discord account can continuously indicate which game you are playing on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The player can also easily display his PlayStation Network ID in Discord so that his friends on that platform can easily find him on PSN. Creating a connection between these services also has a positive effect on the cross-platform-supporting multiplayer gaming experience.

Connecting PlayStation Network account to Discord

On the official website of Discord, you can see the complete tutorial for connecting PSN accounts to Discord. In short, you enter the Settings section of the Discord software and then in the Connections section you can see the PlayStation icon. Founded in 2015, Discord now has more than 140 million monthly users, and many user communities focus on video games and more.

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