Start initial registration for PlayStation VR 2 pre-sale


Sony has launched the official PlayStation VR 2 page on the PlayStation site; A page that gives players the opportunity to pre-register to know when the pre-sale starts.

The official PlayStation VR2 website has been activated, and you can find all kinds of technical descriptions related to the very high quality of this virtual reality headset. According to the latest game news, the activation of this official page of the PlayStation site will make many others sure that PS VR2 will be released around November 2022. At the top of the page, we read: “PlayStation VR 2. As virtual reality gaming enters the new generation with a huge leap forward, step into worlds that really make the player feel real.”

At this site you can read various descriptions about the PS VR2 Sense controllers and the capabilities of this new Sony virtual reality headset. Interestingly, players are presented with a registration option when they reach the bottom of the screen; If they want, by registering their PSN account, they can be sure that they will be informed as soon as any news about PlayStation VR2 is published. Anyone who registers on the official PlayStation VR2 page in this way will receive the latest information about the unveiling of new virtual reality headset games, the release date and the start time of the pre-sale, based on official descriptions.

A huge dinosaur-like machine creature in the Sony PlayStation VR 2 Horizon Call of the Mountain

Interestingly, the process that has been done so far for the PlayStation VR 2 reminds many of the PS5 console itself. Sony first unveiled its official logo at CES and then launched the official PlayStation 5 page on the site in February. A few months later, we saw the unveiling of the device itself, and then in November, the PS5 console arrived. So maybe the continuation of the full unveiling process and the release of the PlayStation VR2 will follow in the same way.

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