Steam deck supports games with EAC anti-fraud system


Volvo reports that Steam Deck now has the ability to support those Steam games that use Easy Anti-Cheat software.

Valve announced in its latest report that despite the outbreak of the Corona virus and supply problems, the Steam Deck is still scheduled to be available in February 2022 (February 12 to March 30, 2014). In the latest game news, Volvo has announced that their new platform will be able to support games that use Easy Anti-Cheat software.

EAC Anti-Fraud System is a popular software that is used in many all-online games and online or multiplayer games to prevent users from cheating or using materials that make them superior to others. Volvo says in a recent report that adding Steam Deck support to Easy Anti-Cheat games has now become a simple process.

Steam Deck also supports BattlEye anti-cheat games; Therefore, it can be expected that most games running anti-fraud software will be compatible with this platform. “Over the past few months, our team has worked with Epic to support the Easy Anti-Cheat + Proton system,” Volvo said. “We are pleased to announce that adding Steam Deck support to existing games with the EAC anti-fraud system has now become a simple process and does not require updating the game binaries, SDK versions or EOS integration.”

Steam Deck console made by Valve

Some time ago, Volvo unveiled a list of fully optimized games for Steam Deck, including works such as Portal 2, Psychonauts 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition, Dark Souls 3, Total War: Warhammer 3. , Death Stranding and Mad Max. Of course, Steam Deck does not currently support five games, including Persona 4. However, the company intends to optimize the game in question for its new platform.

In late July, Volvo introduced Steam Deck as “a powerful and versatile portable gaming computer” capable of running the latest AAA games. Steam Deck uses the latest version of SteamOS operating system, which is based on Linux and provides access to the archive of Steam games and all the capabilities of this platform for users. Of course, Valve refers to the Steam deck as a full-fledged device that allows users to install software and operating systems and connect different devices.

The Steam Deck was originally slated for release in December 2021. But a shortage of components led the company to delay the launch of the laptop for two months. The Steam Deck will hit the market in February 2022. The Steam Deck comes in three different models with different storage memories: the 64GB model with the $ 399 eMMC hard drive, the 256GB SSD with the $ 529, and the 512GB SSD with the $ 649. The company is reluctant to develop exclusive games for its new platform. But apparently it has focused on producing works that are compatible with the features of this device.

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