Stop selling PS Now gift cards on the eve of introducing a competitor


Following on from Sony’s imminent introduction of the new PlayStation Plus in three levels and serious competition with Gamps, the company has been collecting PS Now cards from all over the market.

Recently, during the latest game news, it was revealed that Sony has been collecting PS Now service gift cards from all over the market. According to new reports, British retailers must remove all PlayStation ship gift cards (for both physical and digital sales) by January 21st.

The VGC blog reports that, according to reports submitted to UK retailers, they have until the end of business hours on Wednesday, January 19 to sell PlayStation Now gift cards, either physically (removed from storefronts and the like). Stop removing gift cards from digital gift sites (PS Now).

You may be wondering what the purpose of Sony’s action is. According to Bloomberg and Jason Schreier One of the leading journalists in the gaming industry, Sony is designing a new service codenamed “Spartacus”, which combines the services of “PlayStation Plus” and “PlayStation Ship”. It is worth mentioning that this service is supposed to serve the players by providing a service system in three levels.

Triangle, square, circle and cross mark on Sony PlayStation Plus logo

The first level is dedicated to the same regular PlayStation Plus system (online gaming experience and receiving free monthly games). The second level provides players with a large library of different games (such as the Gimps service), and the third level allows them to experience long, dedicated game demos and access classic PlayStation history (possibly Backward Compatibility for PlayStation 3, PlayStation games). 2, PlayStation 1 and PSP) adds all the capabilities of the first two levels.

According to Schreier, the new PlayStation Plus, which has three subscription levels, will launch in the spring. Given the rumors that a new PlayStation event is coming up, we may see the unveiling of this new service very soon.

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