Superb performance of Splitgate in beta on consoles


1047Games has announced that the Splitgate multiplayer first-person shooter game has been downloaded more than 15 million times on consoles in beta.

Among the latest game news, we learned that the Splitgate shooter game, which was inspired by the Portal and Halo games series, has achieved great success in terms of number of downloads from the very beginning. The game is currently in beta and it is unclear when the full version will be available. Splitgate became so popular that 1047 Games Studio had to postpone the release of the full version to ensure that it could manage a huge flood of gamers without losing anything.

1047Games Studio has shared statistics from Splitgate to close the 2021 case, which shows the popularity of the game and assures fans that releasing the full version will definitely take longer; Especially considering that the production team is still growing. According to 1047 Games Studio, more than 15 million SplitGate players have downloaded the game since the beta was released on consoles. In the first half of 2021 alone, more than 7 billion portals or gates were opened in Splitgate, and so far 163 billion meters have been traversed through all portals. The game’s creator stated in a press release that this distance is equivalent to three trips from Earth to Mars.

In terms of time, we have to say that players have spent a total of 6,167 years in Splitgate. In addition, more than 108 billion shots were fired, a total of 6 billion enemies were killed, and more than 2 million deaths were recorded on the portal, which is truly amazing. 1047Games Studios received $ 100 million to produce the SplitGate game, part of which was spent on hiring more staff. The team, which works remotely on projects, is made up of former developers from companies such as Electronic Arts, Tencent, Wright Games and 343 Industries.

“We will have a lot to share from Splitgate in 2022,” 1047Games promised fans in January with “exciting things” to come in January.

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