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Swan Song Review Mahershala Ali against himself!

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Swan Song, Benjamin Clary’s first feature film, starring Mahershala Ali, raises a fundamental question. What will remain of the uniqueness of man in the superhuman age? Be with Zomji by reviewing this film.

Who and what man and his soul are, has been the pendulum of philosophy for many years. But in addition to philosophy, the science fiction genre has repeatedly shown interest in these questions, and shows most of this attention by building artificial intelligence and creating an opportunity for deep thinking about the nature of human existence. Swan Song’s science fiction contract is Swan Song, which opens the way for clever questions and a deep moral dilemma.

The details of the movie Swan Song will be revealed later.

Swan Song is the first feature film directed and written by Benjamin Clary. Benjamin Clary also has an Oscar for a short film. The 2016 Academy Award-winning short film Stuttering is about a person with a speech disorder who falls in love with a deaf person.

The story of the film will take place in the near future. Technology has made significant progress. The world is now a place where cars are all automated, and little maid robots move through the aisles of a passenger train, filling the place of ordinary crew, and even quickly building and delivering food and drink with 3D-like technology to passengers. These and other developments that you will discover in the film’s transition all serve as a framework for structuring the science fiction genre of the film and its main and controversial technology. Science has advanced a lot, and some things that are impossible today are now possible. The director and writer pose a compelling moral question in the shocking story of a dying man.

Cameron (Mahershala Ali), has an existential dilemma. What if his greatest expression of love for his wife Papi (Naomi Harris) depended on a very big lie? A lie that makes him never feel that he is unique and seen again?

Cameron Turner has contracted a dangerous disease that will kill him in the near future. He does not tell Papi that he has an incurable disease, and a new technology gives him the choice to save Papi and their son Kodri (Dex Ray) from a devastating lack of experience. But this solution only works when he does not tell anyone about his illness or the solution. In the advanced world of film, a private, semi-secret laboratory in the middle of a dense forest has created a whole new and healthy clone of Cameron with all its memories that can step into the life of a sick Cameron and replace him with his wife and child, while old Cameron He lives alone and in peace in a corner of this world.

True love makes us feel completely seen and accepted, and this is the only time we can be honest about who we really are and express ourselves.

In the fascinating swan song flashbacks, we see the first meeting between Cameron and Papi. Flashbacks break the linear narrative throughout the film, revealing details of their situation and life choices. But this is Cameron’s last choice. If he told the pope the truth of his illness, he would have no choice. Dr. Eskan (Glenn Close) recommends a rare treatment to Cameroon. This treatment, in particular, is a great solution, but it is only possible if Cameron takes action before Papi becomes aware of his illness.

Claire and Annie Butchamp (production designer) have created a completely believable world and have integrated technology into people’s lives in such a way that it is easy to forget that this technology does not yet exist. Another patient, Kate (Awkwafina), lives at Dr. Scott Medical Center, built in the heart of a pristine forest. Cameron discusses both the healthy version of the clone and the sick version of Kate as he examines his options for decision-making. Both Ali and Aquafina play their main characters so distinctly that while we can easily tell the difference between the original and the clone, we can accept that those around them cannot notice the changes. Ali is a very prominent actor and plays characters who are both inherently introverted and silent, yet he can convey all the complex and different feelings that both Camerons feel and their efforts to build and build their strange relationship in different ways.

It’s hard to believe that Mahershala Ali, despite her admirable role in Hollywood, has never had a leading role in a film before.

Swan song raises key questions from the beginning. Is Cameron responsible for telling his family and friends that the person who lives in his place is not the man they knew? Does he protect them by hiding his death? Do doctors have a duty to tell his family the truth after he leaves? Is there a reason we are born and die, and is there strong evidence that man should not be able to live eternally or longer than the natural and environmental causes have determined for him? Cameron in struggle. Because the price of happiness he wants to give to his family means that he must give up his happiness and spend the last days and moments of his life away from the people he loves and who can give him heart and peace. But he loves them more than he wants to be with his family.

To want something or someone for ourselves is to take possession of it in order to find things that meet our personal expectations of love and companionship. The desire is to own something, something that does not belong to us, and to desire to own it to complete ourselves because at some point in life we ​​come to the conclusion that we actually have a deficiency and seek to fill that deficiency.

To love, on the other hand, means to have the best wishes for others, even when our goals and motives are in opposite directions. To love is to let others be happy, even when their path is different from ours. This feeling is a kind of self-sacrifice because when we love someone, we sacrifice ourselves from the bottom of our hearts.

True love makes us feel completely seen and accepted, and this is the only time we can be honest about who we really are and express ourselves. Cameron’s goal is to save the family from pain, but it also means that they must be lied to. Can a big lie be justified at the cost of salvation from deep pain? Can we lie to people to give them time to heal?

Swan songwriter and director Benjamin Clary makes Cameron’s fundamental decision even more difficult by creating tense situations. Cameron has previously witnessed the deep emotional collapse of Papi due to the loss of another loved one, in addition to which the two are now expecting their second child. The thought of death trying to separate him from his beloved, who is also struggling with depression, drives Cameron to the brink of insanity. Cameron is caught between a romantic lie and a painful and bitter truth. The question now is which of Cameron’s choices has a worse outcome: leaving the papacy with a lie that protects him and his love and their two children, or imposing his loss by imminent death? Is Cameron’s decision contrary to the honesty and sincerity that love demands?

If you can watch such a sad story that contains the experience of death without fear and worry, you will find that Swan Song is a good science fiction movie and a strong drama.

Fortunately, the swan song does not rely on multiple questions alone and does not bore the audience. The film makes full use of the time and space available to it, and in addition, with a storyline, it takes the audience’s problem on an emotional journey. Because Cameron is literally forced to stare into his own eyes and make an important decision. Cameron’s conversation with Jack (his own clone) sheds light on contrasting aspects of his character. Meanwhile, the only person who can really understand Cameron is Kate, who has gone through this experience himself.

Saying goodbye to those we love is never easy. Now, if this farewell is not a long journey, but death, the situation becomes even more exhausting. Many people also never get a chance to know when the end will come, and those who do know will avoid talking about it so as not to make things worse for the survivors. Today, medical advances have extended the lives of those with certain diseases, but our medical knowledge has not yet reached the point where it can separate us from the eternal grief of death. The five stages of dealing with the death of oneself or a loved one are denial, anger, bargaining (and once bargaining is found to be useless), depression, and finally acceptance. The Swan Song shows how bargaining technology gives a person who is about to die. Cameron marks the passage of all five stages in the decision to die or survive.

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It is hard to believe that Mahershala Ali, despite her admirable performance in Hollywood, has never had a leading role in a film before. The Swan Song is a lament by Benjamin Cleary but tries to make up for it. Ali can not only play the role of the hero of this sci-fi and dramatic film, but he can even play his role again!

With two emotional states that are quite similar except in certain emotional streaks, and at the same time, due to the same emotional and visual differences, they seem very unique. If you can watch such a sad story that contains the experience of death without fear and worry, you will find that Swan Song is a good science fiction movie and a strong drama.

Swan Song deals with issues of identity, honesty, and sadness, and never finds stereotyped formality due to the complex and powerful performance of its stars and deep exploration of its underlying issues. This film is visually pleasing and intellectually very challenging, and as a mind-blowing film it forces us to think about our identity and the meaning of existence.

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