The British Supreme Court has agreed to buy Tencent’s Sumo game studios


Tencent is one step closer to completing its acquisition of Sumo Group with the approval of the British Supreme Court.

A few months ago, the Chinese company Tencent suddenly announced its intention to buy all Sumo game studios for $ 1.27 billion. Since then, Tencent has been working on the legal process of completing the purchase, and now with the approval of the British Supreme Court, the purchase process will probably end soon. The process of buying and selling shares in Sumo Gaming Studios in London has stopped and there are undeniable changes in the company’s management team.

Sumo Digital has been involved in making different video games with its different studios. We even read in the game news a while ago that two Sumo studios are helping Warner Avalanche Software Studios build Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to gaming studios, all brands and rights owned by Sumo will no longer belong to Tencent. Sumo Group, with all its major and minor subsidiaries, becomes part of Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited, of which it is a part of Tencent.

The US Foreign Investment Review Committee has also agreed to buy Sumo Group from Chinese company Tencent. So we have to wait for Tencent to officially announce that it owns Sumo. Sony’s Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Sega’s Team Sonic Racing, and Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 are some of the digital sumo works.

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