The confrontation between Leather and Sally Hardest in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie trailer


Netflix has finally released the new trailer for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which shows the face-to-face confrontation of the first episode.

Netflix has finally released the official trailer for the Texas horror film Chainsaw Massacre, which promises to bring a leather face back to scare the new generation of audiences. This terrifying film directed David Blue Garcia A direct sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which premiered in 1974. Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie Nell Hudson And Alsi Fisher It is set to air on Netflix on February 18th.

The new trailer for Texas Chainsaw Massacre shows for the first time the next violent and horrific murders of Leather, the crazy serial killer of the series. This trailer is a transient confrontation between the skinny face and Sally Hardesti, the surviving daughter of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Toby Hooper is showing. Marilyn Burns She used to play Sally Hardsti, but the actress died in 2014 at the age of 65 and now Olon Fouere Plays the role of this character. The latest trailer for the movie Chainsaw Massacre in Texas can be seen below.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Netflix is ​​the story of the first film in the series, written by Toby Hooper and Kim Henkel Continues and introduces one of the most prominent characters of the horror genre to the new generation. According to Netflix and Legendary Pictures, “The events of this film take place years after the shocking events of the first episode and at a time when the leather face has long since disappeared. “The film seeks to resume the story from where it was originally abandoned and to revive this horror series in the same controversial and daring way as before.”

Victoria’s Actress Nell Hudson, Eighth Grade (Eighth Grade) Golden Globe Award nominee Sarah Yarkin, Actor of Happy Death Day 2U (Happy Death Day), Jessica Allen, Actor in The Laundromat (Laundry), Jacob Latimore, Detroit Movie Actor, Mo Dunford, Actor of Vikings series, Mark Burnham, Ultrasound movie actor (ultrasound), Sam Douglas, Snatch movie actor, William Hope, Actor in the movie Dark Shadows Julien Coy, Starring in the War & Peace series, is one of the actors in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

David Blue Garcia, director of photography for Blood Fest, directed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and wrote the script. Chris Thomas Dowlin, Author of the movie Cobweb (Spider Web) based on a story by Alvarez Feed And Rudolfo ‌‌گزگز Wrote. Evil Dead director Fed Alvarez co-produced the film Chainsaw Massacre in Texas with Bad Humber’s Rudolfo Xiags. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series tells the story of his skinny face and cannibal family, where brutal murderers brutally kill visitors as they cross their Texas suburbs.

Leather face with chainsaw in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Some time ago, Feed Alvarez stated that while Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a sequel to the original film, it does not necessarily ignore the events of other films in the series. The 43-year-old producer explained: “When I talk about a direct sequel, I do not mean that everyone [فیلم‌های دیگر مجموعه] Ignores. When films do this, it is sometimes seen as an insult to all the other works in the series. Some people, including myself, liked Texas Chainsaw 2. This movie is very crazy and ahead of its time, but the other aspects are not very interesting. “I think it’s up to you to decide when and how other movie events happen.”

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