The creators of Lego Star Wars are tired of the intense work pressure of TT Games Studio


According to a new report, the development team of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has been struggling with crunch for months.

Warner Bros. TT Games Studios has been working on the LEGO game series for years; To bring different stories and collections in the form of logos to the world of video games. But unlike the works of TT Games, which are suitable for all age groups and look very happy, it seems that the work environment of their production team can be stressful and annoying. A new and detailed Polygon media report explains that during the making of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, TT Games game makers faced crunch.

The report in question was based on interviews with 30 current or former TT Games members; People who consider working in this company to mean being in a bad situation all the time. The story is not limited to the making of this new work, and unfortunately, it seems that Crunch Culture has been dominating TT Games Warner for a long time.

Even years ago, when the company first started making an episode of the LEGO Star Wars series, Crunch played a key role in defining the working conditions of TT Games; when John Burton As one of the founders of TT Games Studio, he played a significant role in all parts of the team’s work process.

Various games owned by TT Games Warner

Six people who worked with John Burton explained that he repeatedly yelled at team members; For example, if people moved away from their desk, he would put them back in their place. Even when people wanted to get up and go home at the end of working hours, he might yell at them. Burton expected gamers to work overtime. Even outside the studio, some people were chased by team managers and questioned about their loyalty to their work. Why? Just because they were not overtime and preferred to leave work and go home after finishing a certain job.

In response to Polygon media, Burton claimed that his current position at the company means that he does not have specific information about the various parts of the daily life of employees and the general conditions of TT Games game makers. The new Lego Star Inc on April 5 for the PlayStation 5PlayStation 4 Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch available. The stories of all 9 main episodes of the Star Wars movie series are covered in this Lego Star Wars game.

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