The details of Activision and Xbox collaboration have changed


The chairman of Xbox says that due to the recent controversy of Activision, the relationship between the two companies has changed in some ways.

Activision Blizzard has been at the center of much debate over the past year. Because various reports were published about immoral behaviors among the company’s superiors and the toxicity of the work environment. Phil SpencerThe head of Xbox says that now some things are done differently between Microsoft and Activision.

In November, new reports were released detailing some of Activision Blizzard’s major problems; To make people aware that Activision Blizzard CEO himself has played a significant role in many of the common immoral behaviors in the company. At the same time, the president of PlayStation, the president of Xbox and the president of Nintendo USA reacted to these reports.

“The details of our partnership with a company like Activision are something we do not talk about in public,” Spencer told the New York Times. We’ve changed the way we do things with them, and they know it. Rather than threatening partner companies, I would rather learn from each of them or be able to help them by sharing what we have done and the journey we have had on Xbox. I would rather help other companies than punish them. I do not think my job is to punish other companies.

I think in interacting with other companies, we need to be effective by doing things that we do with our brand and platform in coordination or non-coordination with other companies. When it comes to people in leadership positions in other companies, we are clearly not in a position to judge other CEOs. The CEO is elected by the shareholders and the board of directors.

At Xbox, I know who is in charge of business and operations here. This is where my teams work and I have my own management chain. What we are still focusing on is trying to grow. “If we can help them on our journey or with what is happening on our team, we will re-share the experiences we have with other partners.”

In November, reports claimed that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotik would resign if he was unable to make a rapid and necessary improvement in the company. This has not happened yet.

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