The duration of Shadow Warrior 3 has been determined


Flying Wild Hog Studios has interestingly announced how long the Shadow Warrior 3 experience will take.

It was announced last week that the full experience of Dying Light 2 Stay Human will take more than 500 hours if you want to experience all the content created for it. Gamers also reacted differently to this game news. Meanwhile, the creators of Shadow Warrior 3 creatively took the opportunity to announce the duration of their game.

The production team wrote in a tweet that the 60-time experience of this work by Flying Wild Hog Studio, which will be published by Diwal Digital, will take 500 hours. As a result, players realized that a round of Shadow Warrior 3 experience would take about eight hours and 20 minutes. More than 28,000 likes of this tweet show that fans of the Shadow Warrior game series have reacted positively to the studio’s creativity in announcing the news.

Shadow Warrior 3, as a first-person shooter and attractive, was able to attract the attention of some players with its trailers. Now many are waiting for the release of this game this year. The developers have already confirmed the release of Shadow Warrior 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Of course, many gamers would like to announce the Xbox Series X | The Xbox S Series and PlayStation 5 will also be available on the day of release with higher quality than the 8th generation versions.

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