The excitement of Horizon Forbidden West actors to release the game in a new video


Ashley Burch, who plays Alvi, and Carrie Ann Moss, who plays Tilda, along with other members of the Horizon Forbidden West cast, express their excitement for the game in a new video.

There are almost four weeks left until the release of Horizon Forbidden West by Gorilla Studio. Today, Sony’s interactive entertainment division, as the game’s publisher, went behind-the-scenes video; To let gamers see how one of the PS Studios teams creates different sequences and voices of different characters.

Ashley Barch In the role of Alvi, لنس ردیک In the role of silence, John McMillan In the role of Warl, John Hopkins In the role of Arand, نوشیر دلال In the role of hacker and Cree-Ann Moss In the role of Tilda, they are among the actors in Horizon Forbidden West. Also yesterday, Gorilla Studios confirmed that Angela Bast, Marvel’s Black Panther starring Horizon Forbiden West as Rigala. Ashley Birch, also known for the Mythic Quest series and the Borderlands game series, said in a new video that she was excited to experience Horizon Forbidden West, explaining that the number of actors in the production has increased since the first game was made.

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Many fans of the Horizon game series and the Dutch studio Guerrilla were thrilled to learn yesterday that Kerry-en-Moss is starring in Horizon Forbidden West. As a result, watching the Matrix actor’s activities behind the scenes of the game can be interesting for them. Of course, in addition to being behind the scenes, this video also shows some of the gameplay of the game, and in a few seconds, it will include new videos from Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18 for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. People who buy the 8th generation version of this Gorilla Studio product can upgrade to the 9th generation version for free.

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