The first Chinese Innosilicon graphics cards with up to 32 GB of GDDR6X memory released


Chinese company Innosilicon Recently, from its four new and native graphics cards based on the graphics processor Fantasy One had unveiled, launching the first series of these products.

If you remember, Innosilcon About a month before the architecture of its own graphics processors called Fantasy One Unveiled. After that, we saw the introduction of the first family of native graphics cards of this company in a press conference. official website Innosilicon has introduced its innovative products in detail and has taken a close look at the technical specifications of these products. Now the company is the first demo of Fantasy One GPUs during a new event held in China. In the tool GFXBench reviewed And has made the result public.

No details or test results have been released for the company’s new graphics cards. But from the quality of the demo displayed, it is clear that the graphics processing power of these chips can not be compared with existing modern products. However, these products are currently intended for the Chinese domestic market and are the first generation of Innosilcon native technology. However, it seems that Chinese manufacturers are still a few years away from the latest technology of the industry giants, AMD and Nvidia.

InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A graphics card

InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A graphics card

The first graphics card based on the Fantasy One GPU was introduced, called Type A. Type A It will be a graphics card for consumers and workstations that uses a multi-chip design (Chiplet) and the full details of its technical specifications have not yet been published in any of the Chinese media. Based on information provided by Presented by Innoslicon, this GPU has five teraflops of graphics processing power and a filter rate of 160 gigapixels per second, and its structure uses DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1 and VGA connectors.

This card comes with 16 GB of GDDR6 (X) graphics memory and a 128-bit port interface. G6X memory technology has so far been the exclusive domain of Nvidia Ampere GPUs manufactured by Micron. But apparently Innosilicon has done a lot of research on this technology and in its tests succeeded in achieving a speed of 19 Gbps. But the card’s relatively limited bus interface affects data transfer bandwidth, bringing it to 304 Gbps (something between the Radeon RX 6700XT and 6600XT).

Special model of Type A graphics card servers

4 and 8 GB models of this card are also produced. Other specifications of the InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A include DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.1 ports along with VGA outputs. This card is powered by a 6-pin power connector and its power consumption for rendering 4K images It reaches about 20 watts. Of course, when rendering, the graphic content also goes up to 50 watts from the cloud. A special model of servers from the graphics card Type A is produced which has a special heatsink. GPU Specifications Fenghua No. 1 Type A Card It is announced as follows:

  • Floating point FP32: A 5 T FLOPS
  • Rendering capability: 160G Pixel / s
  • Codec power: 4 channels 4K / 60FPS And 16 channels 1080p / 60FPS and 32 channels 720p / 30FPS simultaneously
  • Number of users: 16 1080p users and 32 720p users
  • Artificial intelligence calculations: 25TOPS (INT8)

InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A SFF graphics card

But the image below is of the lower-end graphics card in the series, which is based on the Fantasy One GPU; A product that should normally have less memory than the model equipped with two Fantasy One cooling fans, but again, full details are not yet available. The PCB displayed on this card has a 4 + 1 phase design and a small heatsink fan. Support for HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 ports are some of the features we have. As you can see, there are no electrical connectors on the card and apparently models with less memory will be available.

InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A SFF graphics card

InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type B graphics card

Type B (shown in the image below) is a graphics card equipped with two graphics processors, which are connected in two structures by a Fantasy One chip with a special interface called Innolink. The company claims that the card can process up to 10 teraflops and can simultaneously provide 32 streams of 1080p and 601 frames per second or 64 streams of simultaneous 720p and 305 frames per second. This card is equipped with a maximum of 32 GB of GDDR6 (X) memory, but again, we must mention that the 128-bit interface of this card has limited input / output bandwidth. All of these products use the standard PCI-Express 4.0 interface.

‌ Several IPs have been enabled for this GPU; From OpenGL ES, OpenGL and OpenCL to Vulkan and DirectX. Obviously, the support of these cards from DirectX was the most interesting part of introducing these products, but unfortunately, the company did not announce which version of Microsoft Graphic API it supports.

InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type B graphics card

Based on the description provided, Fantasy One Type A graphics cards Used for consumers, workstations and data centers, and Type B Dedicated to data centers and applications in cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence. Specifications for server specific model Fenghua No. 1 Type B Is also as follows:

  • Floating point FP32: A 10 T FLOPS
  • Rendering capability: 320G Pixel / s
  • Codec power: 8 channels 4K / 60FPS And 32 channels 1080p / 60FPS and 64 channels 720p / 30FPS simultaneously
  • Number of users: 32 1080p users and 64 720p users
  • Artificial intelligence calculations: 50TOPS (INT8)

Imagination and Innosilicon announced the signing of a partnership agreement last year, and Imagination had promised at the time that it would provide a BXT design license for the Chinese company. The company has already started working on the Fantasy 2 and 3 product family and wants to unveil its latest achievements next year. Innosilicon plans to use 5nm production technology in its new products. But it is not clear what process was used in the first generation of these products.

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