The first image of the chicken escape animation 2 to make Wallace and Gromit new for Netflix


Netflix is ​​the first official image Released the Chicken Run 2 animation As well as expanding its cooperation with Studio Ardman Animation announced.

It was July 99 Netflix from working with the studio Ardman Animation To build an animated sequence Chicken Run announced and now in the latest Movie and TV news, This cooperation is set to expand. Netflix first released the first official image of the Chicken Run 2 animation and announced that this stop-motion animation is to be called Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nuggets. You can see this image below:

Rocky and Ginger watching Mickey Born in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nuggets

Netflix also announced the list of voice actors for Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nuggets. زکری لی‌وای With a history of playing in the movie Shazam and Newton’s sharpness Replaced with a history of playing in the Westworld series, respectively Mel Gibson and Julia Saulha Rocky and Ginger for voice acting. بلا رمزی With a history of playing in the Game of Thrones series, he also plays a financial role.

Also witness the return Jane everyone In the role of Babz, Imelda Stanton In the role of Huntie and Lynn Ferguson We will play the role of Mac to voice our characters in the Chicken Run 2 animation. Furthermore, Josie Sedgwick Davis In the role of Eddie, David Bradley In the role of Fowler, رمش Ranganatan In the role of Nick, Daniel Miz In the role of Fletcher and نیک محمد In the role of Dr. Fry, are the new voice actors of the animated Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nuggets.

The Bird Escape animated sequel is set to begin in Peaceful Island Shelter, where Jinger and Rocky, these loving birds, are now accompanied by a child named Mali, and when a new and terrifying threat emerges on the mainland, they will be forced to react. سم فل, Director of works such as Flushed Away animation and ParaNorman animation, is in charge of directing Chicken Run 2 animation.

Nick Park with Wallace and Gromit

Netflix and the animation studio have also announced the expansion of their collaboration to make a new episode of the Wallace and Gromit animation. Nick Park and Marilyn Crassingham, Creators Wallace and Gromit as directors in this stop motion animation. The story of the now-unnamed Wallace and Gromit anime focuses on Wallace’s new invention, which invents an intelligent name that seems to be capable of evolving and may destroy the quiet life of Wallace and Gromit.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nuggets is set to air on Netflix in 2023. The new episode of the Wallace and Gromit animation will also air on Netflix in 2024. In addition, the BBC will broadcast the new Wallace and Gromit animation in the UK, which will initially be broadcast in the UK.

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