The first images of the Armored Core 6 game have been revealed


According to rumors, after Alden Ring, we will see the release and production of a new Armored Core game by Hidataka Miyazaki at Fram Software Studio.

Following the recent rumors about FaramSoft Studio’s new project and the latest game news, a series of new images have been spread on the Internet that rumors about making Armored Core 6 game are under scrutiny. Hidtaka Miyazaki Strengthens. Earlier, a Red Liquorice user on the Resetera community claimed to have read information about the studio’s next project in a survey by the Framesoftor team; The work seems to be a new version of the Armored Core game series.

He further claimed that there were a number of videos and photos of the game in the poll, which he could not share due to the presence of a series of watermarks (specific markings on images to establish ownership by a particular person or group) on the photos. But the person in question has now shared the aforementioned images on the same page of the Resetera community, which we will watch below.

Revealed image from Armored Core 6 game with the focus on showing the huge structures of the environments

Revealed image of Armored Core 6 game with a focus on fighting

Revealed image of Armored Core 6 game focusing on close combat

Revealed image from Armored Core 6 game with the focus on showing environments

As we read two days ago in the news of the possibility of determining the next project of FramSoftor Studio, it seems that Hidtaka Miyazaki’s new project is a sequel to Armored Core, which is one of the oldest collections of FramSoftor Studio. The new game, which is supposed to be introduced to gamers as Armored Core 6, will be a huge robot-centered action effect that will provide players with extensive mechanisms of close combat, long-range combat and various systems of movement on the map.

With the release of these screenshots on the Internet, the rumor in question now seems more real than ever. Of course, according to the person who published the images, a video with these photos was also available to him. If this claim is true, it is not at all unlikely that we will see that video leaked in the coming days so that most people will no longer have any doubts about the making of Armored Core 6. We have to wait until then to see what the revealers share with their followers. So far, neither Fram Software nor Namco have responded to the rumors.

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