The first Netflix Pinocchio animated trailer directed by Guillermo del Toro


Netflix has finally released the first teaser trailer for the Pinocchio animated film directed by Guillermo del Toro, in which we see the presence of cricket.

In the latest Movie and TV news, The first teaser trailer of the Pinocchio animation has been released. In this short teaser trailer, we see the presence of a cricket character voiced by Ivan McGregor, during which we can see parts of Pinocchio’s stop-motion animation:

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Pinocchio is in charge of directing the animation Take your heart, Oscar-winning director for Shape of Water, who recently directed Nightmare Alley, Mark Gustafson have been. In addition to directing, Del Toro accompanied him Patrick McHale, Grace Grimley and Matthew Robbins, Has also been responsible for writing the screenplay for the Pinocchio animation. Pinocchio is a different adaptation of the story of Pinocchio’s adventures by Carlo Claudio, in which Pinocchio comes to life in fascist Italy in the 1930s.

Gregory Mann In the role of Pinocchio, Ivan McGregor In the role of Jimmy Cricket or the talking crickets, David Bradley In the role of Zepto’s father, Ron Perlman In the role of Mangiafuoco, Tilda Swinton In the role of a fairy with turquoise hair, Christoph Waltz In the role of a cunning fox, Cate Blanchett In the role of Spursatura monkey, Tim Blake Nelson In the role of Cochman, Finn Wolfhard In the role of Lamp Wake, John Torturo In the role of Mr. Chery and Bourne Gorman In the role of Carabinieri, they are among the actors who have appeared as voice actors in the Pinocchio animation and have worked as voice actors.

Netflix also confirmed that the Pinocchio animation will be aired on this streaming service in December 2022 (December 1401). In addition, the live-action film Pinocchio starring Tom Hanks was produced by Disney, and Pinocchio will be released on Disney Plus in late 2022. This live-action film is based on the classic Disney animation of the Pinocchio story.

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