The first teaser of the Korean remake of the Money Heist series until the announcement of the names and cast list


Netflix has released the first Korean teaser of the Money Heist series, which reveals the official name of the series and its actors.

It was last month Netflix has confirmed the making of the Korean remake of the Money Heist series, and now in the latest Movie and TV news, The first teaser of this series has been released. Netflix has announced that the Korean version of the Paper House series is set to be called Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, and in the first teaser of the series, we will see the introduction of the actors of the new series Stealing Money. You can watch this teaser below:

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As previously announced, Hehe-so Park, The actor of the composite game series is supposed to play the role of Berlin in the series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. In addition to He-Su, یو جی-ته In the role of professor, جون جونگ-سو In the role of Tokyo, Lee Won-jung In the role of Moscow, Kim Ji-hoon In the role of Denver, Jang Yun-joo In the role of Nairobi, Lee Hyun-woo In the role of Rio, Lee Kyu-ho In the role of Oslo, Eunjin Kim, Kim Sung-oh, Myung-hoon Park And Lee Joo-bin, There are other actors who are going to be in the Korean remake of the Money Heist series.

Alex Pina, The maker of the original series, will return as executive producer on the Korean version of the Money Theft series. Hong San Kim, Has directed works such as Voice, Son: The Guest, LUCA: The Beginning, Black, and The Age of Blood, and directed the Korean remake of Money Heist. Rio Young-jae And his team, who previously co-wrote the screenplay for Psychopath Diary and My Holo Love with Netflix, are tasked with writing the screenplay for the Korean version of Paper House.

Money Heist is now officially out, but Netflix plans to produce a spin-off based on the Paper House series in addition to the Korean remake, focusing on the Berlin character.

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