The focus of the Dying Light 2 game development team is on solving coap problems


The Polish studio Takland is aware of the problems of disconnecting the Dying Light 2 co-op experience and considers solving this problem as one of its priorities.

There have been reports of a disconnect in the co-op of Dying Light 2, and Takland Studios said it was aware of the incident. According to the latest game news, the development team has a plan to solve this problem. According to members of the studio, they are also working on issues related to receiving prizes, codes and other in-game content.

There seem to be other problems in the game and Techland is expected to fix them in time. Looking at the Dying Light subwoofer, we find that players have noticed problems with audio bugs on their PCs. Some of them have also seen some bugs that cause problems in experiencing the story stages. Other users have reported another bug that warns them to leave the mission area, and this bug apparently kills players over and over again.

Also reports of poor performance Motion Blur In mode Quality Mode Consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series | There is an Xbox S Series. Meanwhile, although the lack of the ability to manually adjust the buttons on the console handle can not be considered a bug, some players want to add this feature to the game. Of course, the creators have included an option to change the buttons in order to increase the quality of the experience for left-handed people in Dying Light 2. But if more personalization is possible in this section, some gamers will definitely welcome it.

The Techland company said that the release date of Dying Light 2 Stay Human has solved nearly a thousand game flaws. We will probably see more updates from manufacturers soon.

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