The focus of the new Gran Turismo 7 trailer is on the game using the power of the PlayStation 5


The new Gran Turismo 7 trailer emphasizes that this racing game on the PS5 console benefits from high-quality 3D sound, stunning visual effects and dual-sense capabilities.

There are 36 days left until the release of Gran Turismo 7 by Sony’s interactive entertainment department. Headed by Japanese studio Polyphony Digital Kazunuri Yamauchi Now it is doing the final work to complete the construction of Gran Turismo 7 and that is why we are watching the release of the new trailer of this racing game. While we expect to see game news coming out in the next few days and more information coming out about it, the new trailer emphasizes the various uses of the PlayStation 5 capabilities.

The new trailer with the slogan “Find the way and lose yourself” on the video quality of GT7 game, its use of the interesting capabilities of the dual-sensitivity category and the sound quality of the product in question maneuvers. Thanks to the DualSense adaptive triggers, the PlayStation 5 controller, you can feel things like the car accelerating and braking with your fingers. At the same time, the console supports detailed and high-quality 3D sound, giving the player an immersive audio experience on the track.

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Gran Turismo 7 will support 4K, 60 frames and HDR when running on the PS5 console. Gran Turismo 7, which also supports reset on some parts of Sony 9th generation console, will be released on March 4 (March 4) for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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