The general reluctance of game developers to use NFT in games


Surveys conducted by game developers at the GDC event indicate that game development teams are not interested in using things like NFT and cryptocurrencies in video games.

Recently, during the latest game news and based on the information published from the latest period of Game Developers Conference (GDC), the general game developers did not show any interest in adding NFT-focused items and ciphers to their works.

According to the Video Games Chronicle website, in a survey of game developers conducted during the GDC event, about 70% of these people answered the question “How attractive is the category of irrevocable tokens (NFT)?” They chose the option “I have no interest in it”. However, 21% of these people chose the option “almost attractive to me” and 7% chose the option “very attractive”. Only one percent of these people said they were currently adding these mechanisms to their work.

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The next question in the poll is about how they feel [اشخاص بازیساز] Asked about the presence of cryptocurrency and NFT-based mechanisms in games. The VGC goes on to say that a significant number of respondents to the poll expressed strongly opposing the two categories. Individuals who have spoken out about the potential use of NFTs and cryptocurrencies for fraud have raised concerns about the formation of unnecessary revenue-driven mechanisms and their impact on the environment.

The view expressed by the game developers in this event is also very interesting in its kind. “It’s completely beyond my comprehension to say that such a thing is not yet known as a pyramid scheme,” said one NFT analyst with cryptocurrencies with a pyramid scheme.

Steam logo alongside Bitcoin and NFT

While another game developer expresses his opposite view as follows:

“What good is it to add such mechanisms to our games?” Who uses these things? I feel very small communities use it. Also, this technology does not use sustainable energy yet and is a big goal for money laundering. As a playmaker, I feel really bad about such discussions [رمزارزها و NFTها] “In recent days, they are being raised more than ever.”

Another game developer went on to point out that things like NFTs and cryptocurrencies are all rooted in greed for more. The game-maker seeks the reason for such an argument by “reading stories centered on the people who became billionaires with these cryptocurrencies.” From the playmaker’s point of view, such things are completely unstable and immoral.

The NFT category has made a name for itself in recent months as a controversial and, of course, very complex part of the cryptocurrency mechanism. With companies such as Square Enix, Konami and Ubisoft using this mechanism in a number of their games, the NFT debate has now reached the game world. This has caused many gamers to express concern about the possible penetration of such a case into the world of games.

Fortunately, many game developers do not like this at all. Of course, we have to see what the big publishers think about such an issue, because first and foremost, the strategies for making a work are determined by these people, and the game developers have to take a step in the direction they want. For now, we have to wait and see how this controversial debate, which has made its way into the gaming world, will be managed.

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