The great importance of creating content by gamers in the new Skate EA game


Full Circle Electronic Arts Studios is still working on the new Skate game, and the CEO said that there is not much time left until its release.

Andrew Wilson, The EA CEO said that Skate 4 will be released soon. Of course, Electronic Arts now refers to this expected work as .skate in all official references. But no matter what the name of the new Skate is, fans of the series are very happy that almost 12 years after the release of Skate 3, they are finally close to experiencing the new part of the series. Electronic Arts CEO explains that the company is offering new, exciting and fun ways for the audience to interact with the content.

He also considers the ability to generate content by the player and place it in the game ecosystem as a key part of EA’s move in this direction. To further illustrate his point, Wilson referred to the work done by users in The Sims, the Ultimate Madden NFL game team, and the FIFA Game Ultimate team. “Skating has played a huge role in the design of .skate,” he said of skating. “This game will be released soon.”

Game Skate 2

(Picture of Skate 2)

If there really is little time left until the release of the new Skate game, we should quickly release the official information about it from Full Circle Studio; The team that recently confirmed the release of the game for personal computers and has not yet shown the gameplay or even a complete list of destination platforms to fans. Given that multiplayer has already been mentioned in Skate 4, sharing content generated by gamers on this platform can be fascinating.

Some time ago, we found out that we will probably see imitations of Skate 2 and the open-world structure in the new Skate game. In any case, if .skate is really released this year, maybe along with the new Need For Speed ​​game and the Dead Space remake, it can create an attractive lineup of EA’s work for players. Of course, Electronic Arts will also have GRID Legends and various sports works in 2022.

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