The Halo Infinite seasonal content release schedule is not ready yet


According to a new tweet from Joseph Staten, the 343 Industries team will need more time to announce the exact schedule for the development and release of Halo Infinite seasonal content.

Recently and during the latest game news, Joseph Staten The head of the creativity department of the 343 Industries team announced in a new tweet that the team is not ready to publish a roadmap for the development of seasonal content for Halo Infinite. Staten writes in this tweet:

“Hello. In November, we announced that we would release important information from the Hilo Infinity Seasonal Content Development Plan, such as Co-Op and Forge mode in January. We need more time to finalize our plans and share a plan with you that we can open an account on. “This is an important priority for me and we will share the latest news with you as soon as possible.”

The multiplayer part of Halo Infinite is currently in its first days called “Heroes of Reach”. Despite various events such as the Cyber-Showdown event that brings Attrition mode to multiplayer mode or the Fracture: Tenrai event that comes back and makes samurai coverage available to players, there are still things in the game that need to be modified by the creators. have; Items such as the challenge of producing multiplayer content and, of course, balancing the reward-driven mechanisms of the multiplayer system. According to Staten, fans will have to wait for the team to come up with a complete plan for the fans.

Hilo Infinite multiplayer game mode available for free to Xbox One, Xbox X Series owners | Xbox S series and PC are located. what is your opinion? Are you satisfied with the multiplayer part of Hilo Infinite game? What do you think should be added to this case? Share your opinion with Zomji.

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