The Impact of Backward Compatibility on the Gaming Industry by Xbox CEO


Xbox CEO Jason Ronald in a recent talk about impact Backward Compatibility He talked about the video game industry.

Media TechRadar the door Your new interview with Jason Ronald, Head of Project Management at Xbox Team on Impact Backward Compatibility Has talked about the gaming industry; About how its success led to serious talk about the need to preserve games. Ronald believes that his team learned a lot during the implementation of this project, including various technical points in the implementation of old games on new generation platforms or the legal requirements required to present these works to fans. He also said that the gaming industry should step forward and make the maintenance of games a task for all parties involved.

“I think we learned a lot about preserving the games during the run,” Ronald said in an interview. Both technically and in terms of how games are entered into the catalog or how contracts are signed and licenses are handled that are necessary for this purpose. “I think it shows not only us but the industry as a whole what can be done to preserve the games.”

Ronald went on to point out that the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series consoles from the outset, considering Backward Compatibility And their importance was built, and the same way of thinking applies to their future generations.

“When the X-Series and S-Series consoles were in development, Backward Compatibility From day one, it was a requirement of the project, and in fact, it affected the way we designed the silicones and the hardware we used. It was as if we were saying to ourselves, well, how do we make sure that these games not only run on the console, but are better than ever? So when we think about the future and the next devices, we always think about what special and unique things we have done to improve or optimize the experience of these games.ยป.

Backward Compatibility Games

Schedule Backward Compatibility The Xbox platform has been very well received by users so far. However, Microsoft recently announced a number of games that will be added to the list of reverse support for new Xbox consoles, announcing that due to some technical and legal issues, no more games will be added to the list at this time.

In any case, Jason Ronald’s talk about the impact of supporting previous-generation games on the video game industry seems plausible. Meanwhile, with the release of some PS3 games on the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 5 console, rumors about the possibility of introducing an Xbox Game service rival by Sony with support for games from a few generations ago have once again intensified.

Phil SpencerThe Xbox chief also referred to this in a recent interview, saying it was “inevitable.” According to rumors, the PlayStation three-level shared service, apparently codenamed Spartacus Is known to replace the current service PS Plus will.

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