The importance of online payment gateways in the development of online businesses


It’s time to dump her and move on. There are many businesses that have not yet dared to abandon the traditional method and turn to selling on the Internet.

Because they are afraid of changing the situation. While experience has shown well that the future of sales will be in the context of cyberspace. It’s not hard work either; Create a store site and choose The best online payment gateway And then the flood of orders and the growth of your business.

But this relatively easy start requires a lot of intelligence and precision in “selection”. Choosing a payment gateway is a critical point. Why?

Because the customer makes the payment through the site’s web portal, instead of drawing a card or paying you cash in your card reader. So it is very important that the payment process that you define for your customer is optimal and standard.

If we look at the issue from the customer’s point of view:

  • The customer should not be late for payment.
  • The customer should not have a failed transaction.

Payment gateway security is very important for the customer and he should make online purchases safely.

So if you offer a good product or service, you need to define the right payment process for it to sell well and get results.

In the next section, we will look at the most important factors that a standard and ideal payment gateway should have.

Finally, we will introduce one of the best companies that provide online payment gateways.

The best online payment gateway

What are the features of the best online payment gateway?

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Before considering the features, keep the above three in mind. Read more now.


When you own an online store, you will need people who are professional and technical and can help you if you want to track the status of a particular transaction, or need support for any reason.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Therefore, your chosen payment gateway should be supported by a professional, patient and of course technical team. (Customer satisfaction)

Have the plugins and plugins required to install the portal for the website

Installing a payment gateway on the site requires some coding knowledge. If you do not master this knowledge yourself, you will have to pay for the installation of the gateway to someone who knows how to do it.

Some payment gateway companies, such as Zibal, have already prepared the plugins required to install the gateway (such as WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.) and put them for free download in the documentation section of their site.

With a few simple clicks you can easily install the port. In addition, Zibal supporters will guide you in this path. (Reduce costs)

Low commission

One of the features that differentiates payment gateway companies is their fee tariffs. Some companies, such as Zibal, have set very low fees for their portal transactions, despite the very practical and important payment facilities it provides to its recipients for free.

You can also set a fee to be deducted from you or your customer. As a result, it will be possible to perform transactions without commission. (Reduce costs)

Smart routing

If you do not want the port to be slow and interrupt for your customers and their transactions to be problematic, you need to ensure the speed and stability of the port of your choice. Well this is impossible!

Unless you choose a payment gateway that has the ability to switch to other bank payment gateways.

It features that Smart routing It is called that causes the status of other ports to be checked at the moment of payment and the customer transaction to be performed on the fastest payment port.

At present, the only payment gateway of Rahkar Novin Zibal company is to 5 ports Can be connected.

This increases the success rate of successful transactions and, consequently, the sales rate of the business. (Customer Satisfaction; Increased Sales)


This feature is designed for you if you have multiple partners in your business.

If you want to pay your partners’ share of each transaction, you will pay a lot of money and time each time;

  • Card to card and other methods of money transfer that are subject to commission deduction.
  • Paying tax is a lot of money in your account that does not belong to you.
  • Go to the bank and waste time and money
  • Possibility of human error and creating differences between partners
  • And … .

Therefore, it is better for your payment gateway to be equipped with a service that does all this automatically and using the web service, and it is no longer necessary for a large amount of money to go to one person’s account and that person or accounting team to divide the share.

Zibal payment gateway has a service where you can define the account number of the partners, also specify the contribution of each person and the time of payment. After each transaction, automatically at the desired time, each person will have his share of sales in his personal account.

Zibal Company is the official subsidiary of the Central Bank, which has been able to provide the best online payment gateway to small and large businesses in recent years.

Vector interface payment gateway

It is worth mentioning that this company, which provides the interface payment gateway, activates the internet payment gateway with all the facilities for the applicants for 15 days with the code zibal15 without receiving any commission.

To find out the details of this 15-day test period and other information about getting an online payment gateway, contact us via online chat on the Zibal website or by phone with sponsors.

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