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The leaked video shows Elden Ring, one of the game’s fiercest enemies

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Recently, a new video of Alden Ring was revealed, which shows a fight with one of the game’s enemies.

Elden Ring game on March 25 (February 25) for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series and PlayStation 5 are available. In recent months, various videos and trailers of the Alden Ring world have been released to familiarize the user with the game world. On the other hand, a number of unofficial videos were leaked, which show, for example, the personalization of the game character.

Meanwhile, a new video was released recently, during which we see the fighting style of one of the game’s enemies. The displayed enemy seems to be one of the stubborn and challenging enemies of the game, and users must be very careful to fight and defeat him. In fact, the ER-SA user, who had recently revealed the personalization video, escaped the mentioned video on the Internet and, according to him, named the enemy in question. Crucible Knight Floh.

If you’ve been a fan of extracurricular games, you’ll probably remember Champion Gundyr and Oceiros from Dark Souls 3 when you see how Crusible Knight Floh fights. However, given the game’s HUD is off, it is not clear whether the enemy in question is one of the bosses or mini-bosses you encounter along the way. In the following, you can watch the video broadcast on Zomji and share your comments with us.

Download video from Aparat

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