The most watched Netflix movies from the beginning until today


Netflix streaming service has recently provided the statistics of the movies that have been shown on its service to date. Join Zomji to see what are the most watched Netflix movies?

It’s not too long since Don’t Look Up; The latest big movie released by Netflix Streaming Service. By a narrow margin, it lost its number one spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies, giving it one of its rivals. Of course, this is not going to upset this giant streaming service much, because the first movie on this list was made and released by Netflix itself … just like the other works in this list of the top 10 movies in Netflix history.

In the last few days, the stock price of this streaming service has dropped due to the slow growth in the number of Netflix subscribers; Compared to last year, the growth of the network’s subscribers has been -34.79%. So during such a difficult time, it’s more important than ever for the Netflix streaming service to get its own movies and series done right and to make a lot of money to make up for the losses. A quick look at the statistics published by the network itself shows that Netflix’s expectations are being met.

Sandra Bullock Crossing the River in the Bird Box movie

Looking at the list of the top 10 most popular Netflix movies, it is easy to see that all 10 of them are the network’s own movies; The 10 movies that had the most views during their first 28 days. As expected, Red Notice is in first place and probably is not going anywhere right now; Because during the first 24 days of its release, this work was able to have the record of the most views among all Netflix movies:

  1. Movie Red Notice: 364,020,000
  2. Don’t Look Up movie: 359,780,000
  3. Bird Box movie: 282,020,000
  4. Extraction movie: 231,340,000
  5. The Unforgivable Movie: 214,700,000
  6. The Irishman: 214,570,000
  7. The Kissing Booth 2: 209,250,000
  8. Movie 6 Underground: 205,470,000
  9. Spenser Confidential Movie: 197,320,000
  10. Enola Holmes Movie: 189,900,000

Although many of these films were critically acclaimed and bombed, they were able to attract a wide audience; Especially with the star team that exists in each of them. The film announces the red announcement of a team consisting of Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gol Gadot. On the other hand, the movie “Box of Birds” as well as the unforgivable movie proved that Sandra Bullock is one of the biggest stars that Netflix streaming service currently has. In addition, do not look at the film above, we also saw the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Netflix got Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro to work together again to create a masterpiece like the Irishman. So it is quite clear that a lot of money has been spent to attract new viewers and subscribers to this streaming service. Some of these films have now become a series on their own; Like Red Announcement, Enola Holmes’s film, as well as Extraction, for which sequels are to be made in the near future. The series is a big and important step in strengthening the Netflix subscriber base. We can see the importance of this issue with the remake of one of its most successful series, Money Heist.

Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in The Irishman

This shows that the collections will surely continue. On the other hand, the purchase of royalties for Roald Dahl’s various stories shows that this streaming service intends to launch “Marvel Cinematic World for Children” for itself and to show interesting programs in this new world. Disney currently has many, many lovely collections to show off to its audience; Including series from Star Wars and Marvel, which were largely successfully transferred from the silver screen of cinemas to small television screens.

It has also been revealed that the company intends to focus on the same IP; Instead of trying to create new things for their service. There is another competitor to Netflix that is a streaming service other than Prime Video. The service has already taken the path of fantasy stories with the series The Wheel Of Time, which has also been successful. But literally all viewers are waiting for The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power series, which is scheduled to air on September 2 this year (September 11, 1401). It seems that the war between streaming services has just begun.

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