The new release date of the Steam Deck console has been announced


Volvo Company finally announced the release date of the Steam Deck console today. Information has also been published about the sales plan of this laptop.

Even today, it officially announced the process of sending the first emails to start selling this console from 21:30 February 25 (March 26) Tehran starts on time. These emails are initially sent to users who have already registered their initial booking for this device. Buyers have up to three days (72 hours) to pay for the full price of a pre-booked version of the console.

According to the published information, the process of sending the first prepared consoles will take place from February 28 (March 30). Subsequent orders will be sent to buyers on a weekly basis as more units are ready. Although he confirmed that special editions of this portable console will be available to select media soon, the restrictions on video publishing and media reviews will be lifted from February 25, when the device will be released to the public.

Although the software and hardware testing and evaluation of this portable console is still valid, the developers are trying to provide the best Steam library gaming experience for users in a new environment. During this time, other small and large features such as support for anti-cheat systems of online games have been added to this platform, and there are still plans to add other requested features.

Steam Deck console

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The Steam Deck portable console will be available for $ 399 for the 64GB version, $ 529 for the 256GB version and $ 649 for the 512GB version. The 64 GB version of this device uses eMMC internal memory and other versions are equipped with high speed SSD memory.

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