The new Steam record breaker with the number of simultaneous users exceeding 27.9 million


In 2022, Steam set a new record for the number of simultaneous online users.

Steam started the new year very fiery and once again broke the record of its simultaneous users. Yesterday, as seen by SteamDB, the number of Steam concurrent users reached 27942036 at a specific time. Of these, approximately 8.2 million were currently playing Steam.

Steam records are often broken when many users are off or stuck at home. So it makes sense that in the last week of the New Year holidays, before many people return to work and at a time when the world is seeing an increase in people infected with Quid 19, many are turning to video game experiences.

Consecutive record-breaking number of simultaneous Steam users started two years ago, in January 2020; When the world began to quarantine early in the face of the Corona crisis. On February 4, 2017, a record was broken that was almost two years old. Steam reached 185,37490 simultaneous users in January 2018, a record increase of almost 300,000 in January 2020; To witness the brilliant statistics of 18801944 simultaneous users.

This record has been broken several times since then. For example, over the weekend in March 2020, the number of concurrent users reached 20 million for the first time, and then just one week later to 22 million. We saw 24.7 million users in December 2020, 26.5 million users in February 2021, and most recently 27.1 million users. A few weeks after the previous record was set, we are now breaking the record again with more than 27.9 million simultaneous users.

Dead by Daylight is one of the most influential video games on the record number of concurrent users.

Steam has released a list of the most successful games of 2021 from various angles. This statistic was obtained based on the performance of the games from 12 December 1399 to 24 Azar 1400 on Steam. Dead by Daylight, Valheim, New World, Battlefield 2042, Dota 2, Destiny 2, Naraka Bladepoint, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, CS: GO and GTA 5 are the most lucrative. The video games were on Steam in 2021.

Valheim, New World, Dota 2, Rust, CS: GO, Halo Infinite, Apex Legends, PUBG, Cyberpunk 2077, and GTA 5 were all featured at least once in 2021. 200,000 players on Steam at the same time. Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Farming Simulator 22 are other works of 2021 that achieved significant success in Steam. Some time ago, it was reported that Resident Evil Village game has the highest level of complete experience by gamers during this year. In fact, most people who went to experience Capcom’s latest Resident Evil game played it to the end.

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