The new trailer of the PC version of God of War with the focus on Ultrawide mode


The new trailer for the PC version of God of War shows the game’s support for Ultrawide images.

During the latest God of War game news, a new trailer of the PC version was released, in which we see spectacular illustrations of God of War while running in Ultrawide mode. Released in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, God of War is now available on PC; A very important and expected event that we are finally witnessing.

One of the components that distinguishes many PC games from their console counterparts is the support for Ultrawide monitors. Thanks to the ultra-widescreen monitors that have been made available to gamers in recent years, and the support for the visual effects of new computer games, players can view more and much clearer effects from the in-game environments and experience a more immersive gaming experience.

The PC version of the game God of War, by Sony’s Santa Monica Studios, has now topped the Steam charts and, with 45 reviews, averaged 93 out of 100 reviews in Metacritic. In the following, we will draw your attention to this spectacular trailer.

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