The Northman Movie | From madness at the lighthouse to revenge in the land of Odin


In this article, we go to The Northman director Robert Robgers’s interview with Empire magazine to learn more about his Viking and revenge-oriented work.

Robert Eggers With The Witch and The Lighthouse, he entered the hearts of moviegoers in an unexpected but pleasant way; If he was like someone we did not expect to be present, but at the same time it was as if we were waiting for him! The director, who used to inject fear into the audience with his films and poured his brain into a mixer with Stanley Kubrickvar’s storytelling along with Lovecraft’s atmosphere, is now going to try a new way of storytelling with The Northman; Telling a revenge-oriented story.

Thanks to Ifgers’ interview with Empire magazine about the film production process The Northman And his talk about the story’s essence, we can now learn more from this film. So join Zomji in translating this readable interview to see what stories we are going to deal with in the new film.

Alexander Oscar in the movie The Northman

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Empire Magazine goes to the story and storyline of “Northman” and quotes the official synopsis of the film as follows:

“The Northman is an epic tale centered on the revenge of a Viking prince; “A story that wants to show how far this prince will go for his father’s bloodlust and the administration of justice.”

Robert Eggers says of the story of Northman:

“This is the Viking version of the story of Hamlet. “I really can not describe it in a simpler sentence.”

Nicole Kidman in The Northman

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If you’ve watched the previous two Agers films, you probably know that the director’s stories are never going to be simple and trivial. Stories that are the essence of hours of research and revelation; Stories like The Witch are like a historical statue, and like The Lighthouse, they are like a work thrown from the heart of modern history. According to Egerz in an interview with Empire magazine, Northman’s story is also an adventure in the heart of history, resembling a journey through time.

The storyline of Northman’s film goes back to the story of Amleth. A North story told in the 12th century as a role model and inspiration for Shakespeare; The pattern that instilled the idea of ​​writing Hamlet in Shakespeare. Of course, if more than these professions have entered the heart of Scandinavian folklore quotes, and apparently has also found sources of inspiration for the story of the nation. An inspiring story for the nations written in Old Icelandic. You may be interested to know that even this ancient story was inspired by an older quote. If, however, goes on to point out that the story of The Northman is not going to extract this amount of old stories. Aggers goes on to claim that Northman’s film will definitely convey the old-fashioned mood to the viewer.

Robert Eggers behind the scenes of The Northman

You may be wondering what made Robert Eggers, who made most of the horror films, decide to make a Viking and Revenge theme. Alexander Skarsgård blames everything! Agers points out that Oscar’s insistence led Agers to make a Viking-based film. Because even if he had traveled to Iceland at that time and had fallen in love with it; Oscar’s insistence acted as a shock, sending Aggers on his way to The Northman. Agers then met with the Icelandic poet and musician Sjón, and the production of Northman began. Sion had previously worked on the script for Lamb, which was made at A24 Film Studio.

Northman’s film is exactly the opposite of The Lighthouse’s sense of isolation and loneliness. Northman is a dramatic leap forward from “Lighthouse” in every way, both in terms of the scale of the environments and the cast. Northman with the expert cast of Alexander Oscargard (as the film’s protagonist), Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman as the king and queen alongside the Bang Bang, Anya Taylor Joy, Willem Dafoe and Björk. Tries to nail movie lovers.

A picture of Anya Taylor Joy in The Northman

If you’ve seen Robert Aggers’s films, you probably know that this director, by combining various elements from stage design to sound and costume and music design, still depicts the environment that throws the camera frame to the silver screen in the best possible way for his viewers. If he performed this form of atmosphere with The Lighthouse in an admirable way, and by watching that movie, from the very first moment, you could feel the dead and sultry air that dominates the moments of the movie under your skin. If now he wants to implement the same idea for Northman. He says about this:

“By watching this movie, you are not going to experience the strange feeling that watching a Lighthouse movie made you feel at all. At the time of the creation of the Northman film, we came to the conclusion that when making a Viking-based film, things like moving on water or having huge ships could never be separated from the work. In this film, the two components mentioned are an important part of [فضاسازی] “They shape the work.”

Robert Eggers: This [داستان فیلم The Northman] The Viking version is the story of Hamlet

Author of an article from Empire Magazine In this part of the article, اگر The energetic presence of aggers in aquatic environments [درحالی که آب تا زانوهای این کارگردان بالا آمده است] It points to. The Norhman, however, is an action story centered on the Vikings, and well, when we combine these two characteristics, action and the Vikings, into a film, we have to wait for exciting battles. Agerz talks about the film’s struggles and how these scenes are performed by Anya Taylor Joy (who plays Olga from the Birsch Forest):

“Anya was completely immersed in the scenes of the film and her role. He felt that drowning in his character was much better than taking his character in front of the camera for a moment. So he decided to keep his body temperature at a constant temperature. The filming took place in a very cold environment full of environmental barriers; “The actors who played the Vikings still complained about the cold weather despite wearing a lot of warm clothes, but Anya, while her character is barefoot throughout most of the film, coped well.”

The Vikings in The Northman

The Northman, directed by Robert Eggers, is now in the post-production stages. For a director to be considered independent, and for his previous films to be on a much smaller and more compact scale than for Northman, making this new film would be a huge leap forward in his filmmaking scale. At the end of the interview, Aggers says about the growth of his filmmaking scale compared to the past:

“It’s scary. It’s really scary. It is both scary and exponentially complex. I do not want people to think that this film is going to show the great battles on the scale of the Lord of the Rings films, to which are now added the wars between thousands of ships and naval battles. This movie is not on that huge scale at all. But we have very big battles and scenes in this movie. “This is a real epic story.”

Alexander the Great Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor Joy, Willem Dafoe, Ethan Hawke, Chris Bang, Bjork, Inquard Eckert Sigurthon, Murray McArthur, Hafthor Juliusz Pierce, Kate Dickey, Ralph Innson and Ian Gerrard, They are among the actors who will star in The Northman. Aggers has previously worked with Taylor Joey on The Witch and Defoe on The Lighthouse.

The Northman is scheduled for release on April 22, 2022 (May 2, 1401).

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