The number of Rainbow Six Extraction players exceeded 3 million in the first week


Rainbow Six Extraction In the first week of release, it became the fourth most popular game for gamers on the Xbox Gamepad, with more than 3 million players.

Rainbow Six Extraction Spin-off is an Outbreak mode from Rainbow Six Siege. The development process of this game, which was accompanied by several delays and postponements; However, it seems that this game has been well received and the process of increasing the number of players has been satisfactory for Ubisoft. The company announced via Twitter that the number of Rainbow Six Extraction players has reached more than 3 million users since its release.

According to information published by Benji-Sales on Twitter, the number of Rainbow Six Extraction players has been exceeded. It is also said that this game is currently the fourth most popular console games in the United States in the Xbox GamePaz shared service, but other factors such as the lack of another major game during this period can affect this achievement.

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay

It should be noted that the number of Rainbow Six Extraction players in the first week of release does not necessarily mean the sales statistics of this game. Given Ubisoft’s live service approach to the game and possible long-term support, it remains to be seen how many of these stats will continue to form the game’s user community. Rainbow Six Extraction is currently available for Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC and Studio.

This game is available from the first day of release in the Xbox Game service, and users of this service on PC and console do not need to purchase it separately. But other platforms sell Rainbow Six Extraction for $ 39.99.

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