The PC version of God of War has been in development for two years


Santa Monica, chief technical officer of Santa Monica, said in an interview that the PC version of God of War had been in development for two years.

God of War was officially released to PC users yesterday so that they can experience a part of the God of War series on their favorite platform for the first time. It was recently revealed that the port had been under construction for two years.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Matt Diwald, chief technical officer of Santa Monica Studios, said that the development of the PC version of God of War took at least two years (taking into account the game’s release month). Jetpack Interactive Studios was responsible for porting God of War, and Sony’s Santa Monica Studios was in charge of overseeing the project. He also mentioned in his interview that recently, during the development of the game port for the computer, he went to the gaming experience with a mouse and keyboard.

“Because I’ve been working on game development for two years, I play with a mouse and keyboard most of the time, and that has become my default gaming structure,” he says. “It has become very natural for me to experience this game with a mouse and keyboard.”

He added: “We have also put all the signs and guides in the heart of the game so that you do not get confused in choosing the button to announce the desired activity. Yes, we had no problem doing that. You can also use the Nintendo Switch controller to experience the game. In other words, use any crisp party controller to experience the game. We used as many different options as we could. “Why restrict users?”

What do you think about Zomji users? Have you experienced the PC version of the acclaimed God of War game?

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