The PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends has been spotted on PSN


According to the PlayStation Network database, there is a possibility that the PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends will be released in the near future.

Currently, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series users | The Xbox S Series must use the eighth generation version to experience Apex Legends. Although we are not yet seeing a ninth generation version, users of the mentioned platforms are experiencing better performance than the 8th generation consoles and in 1440p resolution of Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment, the maker of Apex Legends, announced in August 2021 that it would develop a ninth-generation version of Apex, but no official release date has been set yet.

Last year, Reddit also asked questions about this issue Ryan Reagni, Response Communications Manager did not release specific information in response to them and merely noted that the Xbox X Series Update | Xbox S Series and PlayStation 5 Apex Legends are under development. All this while the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, which always provides users with information about the space required for games, has recently noticed the ninth generation version of Apex Legends.

This account found in the PlayStation Network (PSN) database, the PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends, which requires 80 GB of space. in the past Steven FerreiraVancouver Response Team director announced that running at 120 frames per second is one of their goals for the game’s ninth-generation port.

What do you think about Zomji users? Will the release date of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series be announced in the near future? Will we be the Xbox S series of Apex Legends?

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